If there is something good that has happened in the recent past is that we’ve had a lot of time to do the things we love. But how do we spend that time?

Nothing jogs the mind quiet like calmness and a moment to reflect. Use the time well, to make new decisions and add new investment revelations to boost your overall financial standing even as everyone is trying to make it a day at a time.

Making important financial decisions is what determines how much money you have made at any given period. As much as most businesses have taken a hit financially, there are still many open doors. Let’s find out…

1. Hone your skills

Achieving financial growth requires using the tools at your disposal and making better decisions. Grow your savings by using aggressive techniques. Eventually, you can take on new financial responsibilities to achieve that milestone you set early in your life. First and foremost, you need a comprehensive budget and stick to it no matter what.

Set aside money you are willing to spend either on a daily basis or weekly on leisure. Allow the money to grow by making swift and well-calculated bets on yourself based on informed research.

 2. Refine your financial priorities

This is a new era and it’s best that you rethink your budget to make it sustainable. Adjust your coverage and protection needs even as you look towards strengthening your retirement fund. Shed off the stuff in your budget that you don’t need and focus on running a tight and efficient budget. The small change left in the process can be put to good use like trying your luck in the lottery. Have you thought about what to do if you win the lottery?

 3. Strengthen your resources

Recalibrate your plan to ensure you have better strategies that will meet both long-term and short-term goals. Factor in your position as a parent and strike a good balance. Achieving your financial goals relies on having a strong strategy. Constantly review your current plan and consult financial advisers.

Career-wise, increasing your savings by making wise financial investment whether in businesses or stocks requires discipline. Constantly monitor how your money grows and get rid of dead weight that brings no financial rewards.

 4. Cast a wider net

Landing new clients rely on being proactive. Remember, sales is a numbers game, master the art, and only post useful information whether in social media marketing campaigns and cold pitching. You need to give out useful information to penetrate those centers of influence and land moneyed clients.

The digital platform offers an opportunity to get in touch with multiple clients using a quick video chat. Widen your geographic footprint by using digital tools. Besides, few clients want in person meetings.

 5. Separate your work from personal life

Working remotely is challenging when you don’t create barriers. You need an organized space where you do your work uninterrupted. Treat working from home like an office. Maintain your office routine and always look professional. You never know when clients are going to video chat you. Most importantly, never look casual for your Zoom meetings.

Perform all personal chores during the non-business hours. Being in control requires establishing a working structure to foster greater initiative.

 6. Exercise to boost physical and mental wellness

Working from home can be a grueling routine. Use exercise to break monotony. Keep yourself in motion by going for those 20-minute walks or jobs. Do relaxation medications to release tension. Peace of mind is useful in freeing up your mind to bigger ideas and investment decisions.

 7. Connect with your networking contacts

There are always opportunities to explore, it’s a matter of how you go about them. Friends, family, and social media etc are a good avenue to birth new investment ideas. Reach out and get news on different aspects of life. Broaden your perspective by listening to new ideas from your networking contacts.

 8. Focus

Set your ground rules and eliminate distractions like things that constantly interrupt you. Set your schedule like time for those video conferencing calls, phone calls etc. Also, set the time for checking business updates and social media.


Don’t let the shock of life slow you down or consume you. Each day presents new opportunities to make unprecedented decisions. Be patient and manage your thoughts. A little nurturing will do you well. Take concrete steps to grow your investment and make better life choices. Embrace the present and use your time to plan for a better tomorrow for the good of your business, career, or family. Use the tools at hand including the digital platform to expand your scope of investment and realize greater success.

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