The moment has come to plan the big day? The very first thing to do is to set your budget. Once you’ve put the realistic limit to it – make a spreadsheet and track down all your expenses. This way you can see where you can afford more, and where you can cut your costs. And below are some tips that will help you cut corners:

1. Time and Location

The traditional wedding day is Saturday. But since you’re looking into ways to cut costs, think about Sunday or even Friday. Friday sounds nice, cause you and your guests will have a whole weekend ahead to enjoy and recuperate. But be sure to give an advanced notice, so that your family and friends will arrange time off work.

2. Cut Your Guest List

Think about a cozier and intimate wedding. The shorter your guest list the easier it’s on your budget. And you will get to have more quality time with each guest. You can also manage the list by limiting the number of plus-one guests. Do not offer this option to every single guest, extend this to married or engaged couples, or at least those who are in a long-term relationship.

3. Manage the Supplies

Once you’ve set the date and have the approximate number of guests, it’s time to book the suppliers. Make a list of them, subscribe to their newsletters, and keep an eye on discounts and bargains. It’s better to book early, especially if you are planning to get married in the high wedding season. Don’t be too shy and try to negotiate, and get a personal discount. Some suppliers will offer a markdown for feedback or review on their services or products on social media and websites. 

4. Pick an Unusual Venue

For starters, you can use the same venue for the ceremony and reception. This way you’ll save on the decorations and transport costs. But if that’s not possible, think about choosing a venue that has natural beauty and doesn’t need much decoration – like restored barns, some industrial space, or maybe even a village hall, library, or museum. Plus, if you are getting married close to holidays, like Christmas, a lot of venues will already have the decor in them. 

5. Opt for DIY

This doesn’t mean that you will have to do everything with just your own hands. Think about your gifted and talented family members and friends. Maybe someone is great in design and can help you with the invitations and menus, or your aunt is into gardening and can make a wedding bouquet for you? Ask around, and see who can pitch in and lower your costs.

6. Cut the Budget for Booze and Cake

Stick just to two types of alcohol beverages – wine and beer, to keep your costs down. And also think about baking off your buffet.  Buy a small wedding cake if you can’t do without it, and ask your friends and family to bring their favourite desserts and organize a dessert table.

7. Cut the Favours

Do you remember where is the favour from the last wedding that you attended? Probably not. So why not skip this part and save the time and money. Especially if you have a small wedding with just your closest people, who are happy to share this day with you and don’t need any freebies.  

8. Book an Amateur Photographer

Think about a photographer that is just starting their career. Look for students or freelance photographers, and ask your friends around if they know some amateur photographers. This way you will keep the price down and can negotiate the conditions. Like having all the digital photos. This way you can share the digital copies with your guests via e-mail or social media. 

9. Ditch the Videographer 

Ask your guests to take pictures and videos of any moments of this unforgettable day and send them to you right away. This way you will be able to mix the professional pictures from the photographer with those from your guests and make a memorable slideshow. All you have to do is get the wedding slideshow maker and spare some time. 


So, the big day is coming. But we hope that this article was helpful and now you’re fully prepared to use your budget wisely and have a great celebration of your love with your closest ones!