Birthdays are awesome and they always need celebrating. It sounds gloomy but you never know when it’ll be your last one! So enjoying every aspect of these celebrations is important but what can you actually get up to on a birthday? What are the top things to do? Take a look at this amazing birthday celebration ideas and choose your favourites.

Surprise Party

If you’re planning someone else’s birthday celebrations, why not throw a surprise party? Firstly, ask yourself whether the birthday boy or girl would actually enjoy a surprise party or would it be close to their worst nightmare? If they’d enjoy it, you need to keep everything under wraps. Make sure they’re free on the night in question and book them in to go for drinks together. Then organise the party. Sort the venue, the guestlist via WhatsApp messages and of course the caterers. You might want to get a band or some entertainment too. Once everything is organised, pick the guest of honour up to go for drinks but have the taxi divert to the party venue. After the big surprise moment, your work is done and you can enjoy the party just like everyone else.

Dinner Party

If an elaborate surprise party isn’t your thing, maybe an intimate dinner party is much more up your street. You can get the caterers in should you wish or you can cook for your guests if your culinary skills are top quality. Make sure there are a few courses to sink your teeth into and finish the night off with a cheese board. With plenty of bottles of drink, some relaxing music playing in the background and lots of great conversation, is it any wonder a dinner party is near the top of so many people’s birthday celebration ideas list?

Pool Party

Is there a cooler party besides a pool party? It’s maybe the one birthday celebration idea that both children and adults love the most. To throw a pool party for a birthday, you need to get ready beforehand. Try to liven up the poolside with lots of summer decorations, such as balloons, paper or flower garlands, inflatable palm trees, some lighting for the evening time, etc. Of course, there is no pool party without pool floats. Personalized inflatable swimming tubes that can be made with any kind of design and shape, emojis, unicorns, flamingos, and many other designs will decorate the pool and bring lots of fun as well as will provide having cool trendy photos. Don’t forget about the menu with lots of drinks and snacks, as well as the summer playlist to keep everyone in the mood. 

Fancy Dress

How would a fancy dress party go down? You could have this at a specific hired venue or just at your house. Theme your fancy dress down a specific route like Harry Potter, floor-length medieval dresses or keep it open ended for people to come in whatever they fancy. Maybe include on your invites to come as the thing you wanted to be when you were grew up. Expect police officers, astronauts and superheroes!

Board Games

The humble board game is making a come back and if you haven’t got a cupboard full, you can pick them up second hand from charity shops for a couple of quid each. Invite a few friends round, get the beers in and settle in for a game of Monopoly or Risk. Make sure you have plenty of snacks available too.

Movie Night

How about a movie marathon? You could opt for the films of a certain favourite actor or line up loads of movies from the year you were born. Maybe sit through a trilogy or challenge yourselves to finish an entire franchise like Mission Impossible or Pirate Of The Caribbean. Bowls of popcorn, sweets and lots of drinks are imperative for keeping everyone happy.

Wine & Cheese

Keep things simple with a wine and cheese night. You don’t need to spend loads of food and drink as you can ask people to bring a bottle with them. A few blocks of cheese and a couple of communal bottles of plonk and you’ve got yourself a great event. You could turn it into a wine tasting event or be a bit out the box with a gin tasting evening.

Throwback To Club Nights

If you enjoyed the clubs back in the day or when you were at university, why not head back to your old haunts? This is a great idea for milestone birthdays like your 40th! The clubs might have changed their names and you might look like a dad on the dance floor but get a group of the old gang back together and let partying commence! Nail some shots, throw some shapes and relive your youth!

Our list of birthday celebration ideas shows you that you don’t always have to spend lots of money or plan elaborate events in order to have a good time. Don’t forget a great gift though! What will you do for your next birthday?

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