Now that travelling to Australia and New Zealand is possible again, people can’t wait to travel to these spot and explore. Though popular travel destinations, they are certainly a bit far, and can seem intimidating when planning. From travel documents to the cost of a hotel stay, find out how much you can expect to pay, and what you need to prepare for a trip to New Zealand or Australia.

New Zealand visa

Most travellers need a New Zealand visa, and there is an affordable tourist visa that is referred to as the NZeTA. The NZeTA costs around £49.95 per person.

The cost of the New Zealand visa includes the national tourist tax, which is about 35 New Zealand dollars. This tax goes towards the conservation and protection of the parks and wildlife throughout the country.

The New Zealand visa itself is valid for 2 years, or for the duration of the passport of the traveller. Within those 2 years, the traveller can travel to New Zealand as often as they would like, and each visit can be up to 3 months. The only additional document you need is a photo of yourself that is clear and with a simple white background. The authorities can be a bit picky about what is acceptable, make sure there aren’t any heavy reflections, stark shadows, or overly bright lighting, etc.

Right now the current currency conversion has the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) at about .52 GBB or .60 EUR. While the ratio is actually favourable to travellers from the UK and Europe, New Zealand is a remote island, so many things that can’t be grown locally are shipped. This means things like eating at restaurants are generally more expensive. The average meal in most cities throughout New Zealand will cost about 12- 20 NZD for breakfast, and around 30 – 50 NZD for dinner.

Lots of travellers recommend eating more international cuisine because it tends to be much more affordable. For example Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants are much more affordable than more western style restaurants, and they will very likely be authentic and tasty due to the local cultural influences. Sushi is actually quite affordable in New Zealand. A typical cup of coffee in the UK will cost about 2.25 GBP, in New Zealand, a similar cup of coffee will cost the equivalent of 2.75 GBP or so.

The average hostel cost is currently at around 96 New Zealand dollars, or roughly 50 GBP or 58 EUR. Accommodations for 2 people will cost roughly 192 NZD, or 100 GBP or 115 EUR.

Australia visa

The eVisitor 651 is a general tourist travel authorisation that allows you to travel to Australia without obtaining a visa. It can be applied for online, and you don’t have to worry about uploading passport information or documentation, etc. It’s just a matter of filling out a form online and waiting for the authorities to approve your application. The Australia visa is valid for 12 months, or the duration of the passport of the traveller. During this time, you can travel to Australia multiple times, and each stay can last up to 3 months.

Currently, 1 Australian pound (AUD) is equal to approximately .57 GBP or .66 EUR.

Obviously, Australia is a big country, and there can be differences in how much you can expect to pay in different parts. On average, coffee is actually a bit pricey in Australia, depending on where you are in the country an average cappuccino can cost between 3.95 AUD and a whopping 4.86 AUD. This is due to import prices and overhead costs for businesses. Foodwise, an average meal will cost around 15 and 20 AUD. A fancier restaurant will cost approximately 40 – 50 AUD.

Because Australia is so large, many travellers opt to hire a car to get from one location to another. On average, a car rental will cost about 35-50 AUD per day, depending on the size of the car. Always make sure if your car hire has any mileage limits. Otherwise, you might risk accumulating more fees. Petrol is also something to take into consideration, considering that currently the average price for a litre of gas is about 1.990. It’s handy to keep gas prices in mind when calculating whether travelling by plane or train between distances is the better option.

The average accommodation for a hostel or 1 person space is 85 AUD, coming to about 48.5 GBP or 56.5 EUR. A typical room for 2 people is around 170 AUD, which comes out to 97 GBP or 112 euro.