We are lucky to only have to shop for Christmas gifts for friends and family once a year because doing it more times would make things get out of hand. The problem is not just getting enough money to spend on all these people, but also the fact that getting a gift that suits each person is incredibly difficult. 

Here are some tips to help you shop for a Christmas gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Start by writing a list of all the coffee lovers you know

Once you take a moment to list all the coffee drinkers in your close circle, you will have a better chance of choosing the most suitable gift ideas for coffee lovers. Chances are that most people in your circle are coffee drinkers, which means you may only have to spend a minimal amount of time getting gifts for everybody.

Gift Certificates to Coffee Shops

You may be aware of the fact that your friend loves their daily cup of coffee, but not exactly what kind of roast they like. However, you can get them a gift certificate. They can use this to buy the coffee they love and will appreciate the thoughtful Christmas gift.

Custom Mugs with Matching Pottery

Gifting a person a coffee mug for Christmas may not seem unique and thoughtful, but giving them a handcrafted mug together with custom pottery to match is. You can get a handcrafted set of custom pottery to gift the coffee lover in your circle. It is a gift that most cannot match, which is why it is perfect.

A Variety of Coffee Beans from Around the World

Getting an assortment of unique coffee beans online from around the world is one of the best(if not the best) gifts that you can give to a coffee lover. You may think that the option of ordering whole coffee beans on a site is better, but the beans on such sites are mass-marketed. Stay away from big coffee brands as these are available anywhere, as you want a unique gift. The best place to check is from a gourmet coffee distributor.

Coffee Warmer

No coffee lover will not appreciate a coffee warmer for those cold winter days. No matter how high the thermostat is set in winter, the coffee always seems to get cold way too fast. A coffee warmer is the perfect gift as it will allow the coffee lover on your list to keep their coffee warm at all times and tight down to the last drop.

Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is a good gift, but since you can find one in almost any department store, it does not make it unique. What makes the gift a bit more unusual is finding manual coffee grinders to go with the assortment of beans you bought. A manual coffee grinder and a handcrafted mug are also great ideas for any coffee lover that does not mind a crank-style coffee grinder made from wood.

With these ideas, you are sure to make that coffee lover appreciate your thoughtfulness during the festive season. What’s more, you may get lucky and get a lot of shopping done in one or two online shopping sessions. There is nothing more special than seeing a loved one appreciate a well-thought-out gift from you.

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