Marriage is a new beginning, even for couples who have been together for years. The best way to make the occasion more memorable is by showing your love. Start by looking your best as you dress up for your husband on the big day. Heartfelt vows can take you a step ahead to win his heart. But your first night is the most important part of the ritual. You may have been together for endless nights, but this one is truly special. A surprise gift for your husband can make it even more incredible. Here are some ideas to impress him and show how much he means to you.

Exotic chocolates

A pack of exotic chocolates is a perfect way to start your married life on a sweet note. Chocolates are more than a delicious gift as they can make your man better in bed. They contain phenylethylamine and serotonin, which work as mood boosters and stimulants. Even better, find aphrodisiac chocolates to heighten the pleasure of being together during your first night.

His favorite wine

A bottle of your husband’s favorite wine is another great idea to surprise him on the night after your wedding. You will probably be exhausted after the festivities, and a drink or two can do wonders for relaxation. Buy his usual one or experiment with a different wine to add a new flavor to your experience in bed as a man and wife. The occasion deserves the best, so do not think twice about splurging. 

A naughty present

Your husband will surely love a naughty present to add more excitement to the special night. You can even create a kinky treasure hunt for him with crazy gifts that turn him on. Start with an X-rated video to get him in the mood. You can surprise him with a real whizzinator XXX that promises a thrilling experience. Gift wrap yourself in beautiful lingerie to make him crazy about you all over again!

A bedroom journal

You may have to work hard to prepare this gift, but it is worth the memories. Write a bedroom journal explaining your experiences of all the times you have been together before. You may even write down your fantasies you wish to try with him in bed. Adding a few pictures of yourself is a great idea. Your husband will surely love this creative surprise on the first night and forever. You can even continue writing the journal as a couple for the years to come.

A spa session

Make the night special by setting up a spa session for your husband. You can actually make it a twosome by asking him to return the favor. A romantic massage and a hot shower feel like heaven after a long and tiring day at the wedding venue. Invest in a luxury spa kit and check online videos on massage techniques. Follow your instincts and let your hands do the rest.

The best first-night gifts for your partner are the ones that get you closer and heighten your pleasure as a couple. Try these ideas to win on both fronts.