Single mums have a lot going on. Looking after the children, tackling house work, having a life of their own. All without any real help. That’s not even taking into account working, a job, a career. With so many balls to juggle, what are the best options of work to fit in with childcare? Take a look at Mrs Pinch‘s list of the best jobs for single mums UK.

education roles

The bonus of working as in a school is that if your children are in education, you’re working the same hours that they are. If the job is at the same school that they attend even better as you’re all heading to the same place every day. Consider a teaching assistant role or perhaps a receptionist. Maybe even a dinner lady? Whilst you won’t be on the same wage as a teacher, you won’t have to stay behind after school every night, prepare lessons plans and attend parent/teacher nights. That means no childcare to find or pay for. You’ll have weekends off as well as school holidays.

Once you’re established with one client, you might be able to add others into your work life. There are even opportunities of teaching English online from anywhere there’s an internet connection at

Care in the community

There are many shifts available for carers. Some people only need a couple of hours of help every day which could work for your situation. Some companies offer short hours which you might be able to fit in during school hours. Alternatively if you have family who could babysit on evenings when the children are in bed, you could work a couple of hours on a night shift.

Clean Up

Why not set up your own cleaning business? Find a few clients which you can focus during those six hours of school. You’ll be able to set your own hour, work your schedule around your children and you might be able to take on extra hours if the children can go to a friends house or their grandparents can collect them from school.

Go Virtual

A virtual assistant is someone who works independently from home, providing assistant services for professionals and businesses. This could include admin, copy-writing and data input. Once you’re established with one client, you might be able to add others into your work life. If you’re tapping away on a laptop, you’ll even be able to sit in front of the TV on an evening and do work then. As long as it gets done and you fulfil your hourly agreement every week, you’re winning. Think about ways to make money online and offline

Point Of Contact

If there is a local contact centre nearby, you might be able to pick up some daytime shifts that work with your childcare. You might be a natural on the phone or you could be a superb touch typist, ideal for live chat with customers. A four or five hour shift during the day could be just what you were looking for.


Our list of the best jobs for single mums UK you can take up covers just a few ideas. Find a role with flexible hours, a company willing to offer you that flexi-time so you can work short hours around the life of being a mum. It might not be the job you once dreamt of but it will pay the bills, put food on the table and help you support your family. Your children will only be young one, so being there for them, whilst they really need you, is the best job you’ve got. The paid working can hopefully fit in around that.

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