Have you been going round your home, looking at stuff you no longer want? Making a pile of things you no longer need in your life? Maybe you’ve collated them to send to the charity shop but have you considered doing a car boot sale? They’re cheap to attend, fun to do and you might make more than you think! Let’s take a look at some of the best things to sell at a car boot sale.


One of the top selling items at car boots is often clothing. Whether you have vintage wear or baby clothing, there is a market for it. Be aware of your presentation. Use a clothes rail if you can with hangers. Also know the state of the items before you get questions on them. If there is a hole, make sure you know and vary your price accordingly. You’ll likely get haggled, but that’s true of everything at car boots.


Clear your bookshelf of those novels and autobiographies you no longer want. Paperbacks sell well as people like to pick them for a pound or two to read on holiday. Be aware of what you’re selling, you don’t want to be letting a rare book go for 50p if it’s worth a lot more. Check eBay for prices before you go to the car boot.

Unwanted Gifts

Maybe you have a cupboard of unwanted gifts from Christmas? Instead of re-gifting, why not sell them? Perhaps it’s a perfume you’re never going to use or a shower gel gift set you don’t like the brand of? As long as these type of products are unused, you can sell them. You could also put any other unwanted gifts you have hanging around, on your stall too. They might not be up your street but they could be exactly what someone else is looking for! Potentially one of the best things to sell at a car boot sale!

Music And Film

You usually see a lot of CDs and DVDs at car boot sales. Be sensible with your pricing as there is a high possibility another stall is selling the same album or film you no longer want. You’ll likely get one or two pounds for these items. If you’re selling vinyl records, know what you’re selling! The last thing you want to do it sell a rare first print for a fiver! A top tip is to put these items in boxes so they can easily be flicked through.

Other Items

You might be thinking about selling furniture at the car boot. Think about the size of the items, even though they tend to sell quite well, to fit it in your car you might not be able to fit other things in. Tools, garden things and bric-a-brac are also interesting items for buyers. If you’re clearing out your old musical instruments that you no longer play these are also one of the best things to sell at a car boot sale. Be sure to pack them well so they don’t get damaged in transit. Also make sure you have a price you know your items are worth and what kind of price you’re prepared to sell them for. You will get haggled, but stick to what you know they’re worth!

Enjoy your car boot experience. The time will fly by, you’ll likely get people snooping around what you’re selling before you’ve even set up your table but it’s all part of the fun. Have plenty of change, work on your haggling game and know that you can say no if you don’t like the price they’re offering. Another top tip is to not spend more than you make and take your own flask of coffee so you don’t have to buy one at the butty van. Happy selling!

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