Cars are often thought of as a great expense and households have to budget extensively to be able to afford to purchase and run them.

Unfortunately, costs are hitting record highs with the purchase of new cars today. The price of used cars is also slowly climbing, not to mention the fuel costs too. Needless to say, this isn’t an ideal situation for current and aspiring road users.

Still, there’s an opportunity to be found amidst the chaos too. Under the right circumstances, cars can be a source of income rather than something that just drains your resources. However, to make the most of the situation, you must be somewhat proactive.

Here are some of the best ways to make money with your car.

Sell the Vehicle Fast

Selling a car isn’t a revolutionary idea. Depending on the channels that you go through, however, it can be a more rewarding process than you might initially expect.

It’s easier than ever before to part ways with your vehicle for a profit. You can get a free quote to sell your car online, thanks to’s efforts. It will only take a few seconds to send details of your car, and they’ll be in touch soon after with a fair valuation and a 7-day guaranteed price. Once you accept their offer, your monies will be transferred quickly, giving you a pot of cash to spend however you wish.

Many people see the sale of their vehicle as a last resort. Part of this might be the hassle that often comes with trying to get rid of it. However, with the services provides, your efforts are simplified and streamlined for complete convenience. No-fuss, no stress.

Rent Out Your Space

Some people are taking a hiatus from the road until costs come down. If you’re in a similar situation and your car is either gone or in storage, you might still be able to make some money from the spaces that it used to be reserved for.

For instance, those who have previously rented out their parking spaces and driveways have profited nicely. Why not follow suit? It’s a great way to financially benefit if the space is just sitting vacant, and you can always alter the terms of your agreement if you ever want to get back to driving in the future.

If you own a parking space, be sure to place a bollard in it when it’s not in use, otherwise, you may find that rogue road users will attempt to use it. If they grow accustomed to using it over a prolonged period, then nasty arguments can ensue when you try to put things right. Therefore, getting ahead of any misunderstandings at the earliest opportunity is better.

Consider this possibility more seriously if the space is near highly active locations with people, such as leisure centres, transport links, and town centres. That way, it’s far more likely that you’ll generate interest for what you’re offering. Be sure to advertise the space online too.

Take on Different Roles

Perhaps you’d rather use your car to make money rather than have it sitting idle? Fortunately, lots of jobs today are car-driving-related, and even if you have a job already, you could always explore these opportunities on a part-time basis.

Uber drivers and couriers make good money, while app-based food and drinks deliveries have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. You’ll also meet new and interesting people daily and perhaps explore parts of your area that you don’t often go to.

Some companies may pay you to add their advertising to your car. Research the company ahead of time to ensure you’re aligned with their ethics and principles; if you’re comfortable, you could make over £100 a month. If it’s a cause that you love, so much the better!

Request Fuel Money

Many people give loved ones and colleagues a lift to different places. While it’s a kindness, if a pattern of behaviour starts to form, it’ll inevitably start to cost you – especially if you’re not making the trip in question in the first place.

If they haven’t offered already, it’s a good idea to politely remind your passengers that fuel money is appreciated. If they’ve offered fuel payment in the past and you’ve refused, it may be time to reconsider that decision. Decline giving lifts to anyone who doesn’t contribute – you shouldn’t have any problems replacing them with someone who does!

Some workplaces even designate carpooling time as ‘work time,’ offering further incentives for people to get on board with these schemes. It may be worth seeing if your employer has implemented a similar policy.