Do you remember your nan or grandma making amazing food? Delicious, homemade meals which were legendary in the family? Maybe you have little flashbacks of some of your favourites? Have you spotted a jelly milk recipe before? Well Mrs Pinch is here to answer the question of can you make jelly with milk? The answer is yes and we’ve got all the details for you!

Ingredients You Need

The ingredients for this jelly milk recipe are so simple, the biggest decision you need to make is what favour your jelly with be!

What you need:

1 pack of jelly. Use supermarket brands, they’re just as good as the branded jelly. Strawberry, raspberry, lime, any flavour you wish!

¼ pint of boiling water

¾ pint of milk

What To Do:

Whilst your boiling the kettle, cut you jelly into cubes and put them in a jug.

Pour ¼ pint of boiling water of the cubes and stir until they dissolve.

Leave the mixture to cool.

(if you don’t leave it to cool, when you add the milk it will curdle).

Add your milk to make it up to a pint and give it a stir.

Pour your mixture into a mould of your choice. One large one, or a number of smaller individual portions.

Put in the fridge and leave to set.

Devour and enjoy.

Choices & Switches

As well as what flavour to choose for your jelly milk recipe, you also have the option of of what mould to select. Bunnies for Easter. Dinosaurs or trains for fun. Traditional jelly moulds for retro chic. You can try mini moulds if there are lots of you, to make sure everyone gets the same amount. Some people, instead of using milk, opt for evaporated milk. Whilst it’s a different option and has been used back in the day, it can sometimes give an odd taste to the jelly. You can also garnish your jelly creations with fresh fruit for extra tastiness.

Can you make jelly with milk? Yes you can and it’s delicious!

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