• 6 Bike Safety Tips to Protect your Children from Accidents

    Bike accidents may not be as common or catastrophic as car or motorcycle accidents, but they sometimes result in serious injuries or loss of life. Because children are bicycle enthusiasts and lack experience like adults, they are usually prone to bicycle accidents. It’s your duty as a parent to reduce the chances of an accident […]

  • Things To Do In The Summer Holidays

    Summer comes around sooner than you think and those 6 weeks school holidays can feel long and boring if you don’t fill them with fun. Here are some great things to do in the summer holidays. Picnic In The Park There’s perhaps nothing more summery than a picnic in the park. When the sun is […]

  • 8 Surefire Food Photography Tips

    Ever tried to take a neat Instagram picture of your food, thinking that it must be pretty simple and then finding yourself making several not-so-good shots in a row? Food photography is not as easy as one thinks, so we’ve gathered several tips that will help you improve your shots. Dive-in! 1. Mind the Composition […]

  • Are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK

    Are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK?

    I am obsessed with my dogs, and being lockdown puppies they suffer from separation anxiety (I’ve got some great resources that we are working through which I will share below). Separation anxiety aside, I also love being with my dogs, so of course I would like to bring one or both along to Starbucks when […]

  • DIY Wall Hangings

    One of the best ways to turn a house into a home is by what you hang on your walls. Framed pictures of family and friends are a great way to personalise your space. And another is by creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind wall hangings with your own two hands. I looked around the internet and found […]

  • 15 Amazing DIY Planter Ideas

    Plants add so much to your home. Indoors and out, plants add beauty and warmth to your home. With the right planter, you can put a plant just about anywhere. If you are looking for some DIY planter ideas you can make, read on! There are some great planter boxes here for outside, and one […]

  • Family Activity Holidays

    Are you one of these people who likes to be kept busy on holiday? Maybe you’re not a fan of relaxing by the swimming pool? Would you rather be active and doing something which keeps you both mentally and physically challenged? If this is the case you need to look at family activity holidays. There […]

  • Would Your Kids Like A Summer Camp?

    The summer will be here before we know it and you might be wondering what you can get up to with the kids. How do you fill those six weeks off school? Have you ever considered a summer camp? Would your kids like it? What would they get out of it? Let’s take a look. […]

  • Easter egg tree

    How to make an Easter egg tree

    I absolutely love decorating for the seasons, and spring along with Easter decor are my favourites – lots of bright, pastel colours with cute eggs, bunnies and more. What isn’t to love? I recently put together this Easter egg tree which took me about an hour and a half including time to dry the paint, […]