• The Best Leftover Roast Chicken Recipes

    Do you ever have leftovers you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe they end up wrapped in foil at the back of the fridge before they’re chucked in the bin. Now is the time to battle back against food waste! Did you know you can make your Sunday roast chicken last through some of […]

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  • Poundland chilled and frozen food stores

    I am a massive Poundland fan, and am really excited to see their chilled and frozen food range coming into more stores. How much is the Poundland frozen food range going to cost? The Poundland chilled and frozen food range is priced between 50p – £5. That means your total might not end in a […]

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  • Valentines Gifts For Her

    When February 14th rocks up you need to have your A-game in place. Valentines Day needs to be approached with style so you completely nail the romantic angle with your partner. Don’t have regret and hand over something poorly thought through. Nobody wants that look of disappointment lingering across the table as you spend time […]

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  • What Is Clicksnap And How Does It Work?

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