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  • How much does it cost to boil a kettle

    How much does it cost to boil a kettle

    With energy prices soaring many of us are looking at ways to reduce our energy usage before it gets to the point of choosing between heating and eating. One cost-cutting measure you might be considering is using your kettle less, but just how much does it cost to boil a kettle? Why boil the kettle? […]

  • What Can You Do Legally If Someone Owes You Money?

    It can be incredibly frustrating to be owed money. You have done the work or loaned the money in good faith. It could be an individual or a business who haven’t paid up. What can you do legally if someone owes you money? Let’s take a look. It’s Not Fair Firstly, we agree, it isn’t […]

  • Is a soup maker worth it

    Is a soup maker worth it?

    I love a kitchen gadget – after all, my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is worth every penny! If you are reading this post you are probably asking yourself – is a soup maker worth it? They can cost anywhere from £40+ when you could just use a stick blender for £12. Keep reading to see how […]

  • Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

    Hotel Chocolat velvetiser – is it worth the price?

    I have been very lucky this year to receive the Hotel Chocolat velvetiser for Christmas (after finding a good deal during Black Friday) and I am not even exaggerating when I say that it has changed my life in the 3 days I have had it. I absolutely love it. As someone who loves hot […]

  • Why It’s Important To Look At Reviews Before Choosing A Delivery App

    Delivery apps make ordering takeout and groceries as easy as opening up an app, choosing what you want, and having it delivered to your door. They’re revolutionary for busy, on-the-go people whose time is more valuable than their money. There are a lot of delivery apps out there and the competition is really stiff. Evidently, […]

  • lidl plus app

    Download The Lidl Plus App For Great Bonuses & Access To Offers

    Do you love budget supermarkets? Is Lidl your go-to place for your weekly shop and maybe those top up visits for bread and milk throughout the week? Maybe you wonder why you never shifted your shopping habits before because you save so much money every week? If you love Lidl, you need to download the […]

  • Save Money On Your Sky TV Channels

    How much time do you spend watching TV? We’ve all perhaps been watching more than we care to admit over the last few months. Maybe you adore having access to certain channels or simply have the TV on for comfort and background noise in lonely times? The price of everything seems to be on the […]

  • How to make a DIY Peloton Bike

    Like many people, a third lockdown has seen me really struggling to get my daily exercise in. I just couldn’t face another walk around the village in the grey, rain soaked days, especially to combat the Christmas weight gain. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I decided to order a Peloton bike. At almost […]