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  • School Holiday Activities

    Whether it’s half term, a fortnight holiday or the full six week summer break, it’s often hard to find things to do with the kids. Take a look at our list of school holiday activities which will inspire you to spend time with your children having fun and making awesome memories. Cinema Screenings How do […]

  • Solar Panel Cost

    The government benefits of having solar panels on the roof of you home have now ended. Whilst solar power might be a huge future benefit to the global population as fossil fuels run out, what do the current sums look like. What is the solar panel cost of setting up, the maintenance and how about […]

  • The Best Leftover Roast Chicken Recipes

    Do you ever have leftovers you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe they end up wrapped in foil at the back of the fridge before they’re chucked in the bin. Now is the time to battle back against food waste! Did you know you can make your Sunday roast chicken last through some of […]

  • What Is The Best Cashback App?

    Do you want to earn cashback on your everyday purchases? Of course you do! Why would you not want to make your shopping cheaper and save money? Let’s take a look at a few of the best opportunities out there. We’ll have you downloading a cashback app and saving come cash in no time! Quidco […]

  • Poundland chilled and frozen food stores

    I am a massive Poundland fan, and am really excited to see their chilled and frozen food range coming into more stores. How much is the Poundland frozen food range going to cost? The Poundland chilled and frozen food range is priced between 50p – £5. That means your total might not end in a […]

  • How Do I Use My Quidco Account?

    Maybe you’ve seen the adverts on the TV. Perhaps you’ve seen the company advertised online. You might have even signed up but have no idea what to do next. Quidco is a brilliant addition to your online shopping but what if you find yourself thinking, how do I use my Quidco account? Let’s take a […]

  • Start Using Cashback Websites

    You may have read stories about people earning hundreds of extra pounds per year by simply using cashback websites. If you’ve read those stories and you still haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on easy cash which you could be spending on other things or saving for a rainy day. […]

  • How To Buy On eBay For Beginners

    You have probably seen the adverts on the television. Maybe you’ve been bombarded with logos whilst you work online. Have you ever actually used eBay though? If you’re brand new to the service but want to see what is available this walk through is for you. Keep reading for clear information on how to buy […]

  • How To Save Money On Groceries

    We spend a lot of money feeding our families. Favourite meals, store cupboard staples, maybe paying extra for organic. It all adds up. So how do you save money on groceries? We’ve got a few ideas. How Much? Statistics published earlier this year state that the average weekly family food shop comes out at £60.60. […]