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  • Frugal Tips Our Grandparents Used

    Being frugal in this world isn’t being cheap. The world frugal is defined as being “sparing or economical as regards money or food.” Many families struggle, some living hand to mouth, others well below the poverty line. This got Mrs Pinch thinking. What can we learn from our past? From our ancestors and generations before […]

  • The Best Gift Hamper Baskets

    Whether it’s Christmas time or you’re looking for a personal present for a birthday or an anniversary, gift hamper baskets are a great idea. It’s something that little bit special which shows that you’ve put thought and effort into the creation. How can you put one together though? What’s the best way? Let’s take a […]

  • Free Things to Do in the Most Popular US Cities

    Most people daydream of traveling the world. Often, this comes along with the common misconception that traveling means spending a lot of money. This isn’t true. It doesn’t have to be anyway. How much you spend while you travel is completely up to you! While I can’t list all of the affordable excursions available in […]

  • Sainsbury’s Nectar card – what you need to know

    If you are using the Sainsbury’s nectar card then you might be wondering what the best way to spend Nectar points is, where you can collect Nectar points from, how much each Nectar point is worth and many more. Let’s delve in to everything you need to know about it. What is the Sainsbury’s Nectar […]

  • Poundland Christmas wreath

    Poundland Christmas Wreath

    I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me want to get all crafty and make items for both gifting and decorating my home. From this festive joy sign to making bath bombs, I love a Christmas craft activity. This year I have made my first ever Poundland Christmas wreath and I am […]

  • Saving Money In Winter

    Winter is great. Snow, hot chocolate, Christmas! It’s not all good though. Winter can mean a spending increase for some. Let’s talk about some ways you can be saving money in winter. Heating Your Home When temperatures drop and maybe even ice appears on the pavements, we want warm houses. It’s tempting to crank up […]

  • How to lift your mood naturally

    With darker days approaching you might be feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. It you are looking to ways to lift your mood then I have some great ideas to share with you. These ideas will help you to feel happier. Spend time with a close friend to lift your mood Studies […]

  • What is the average Electric Bill

    We all want to save money. One way to do that is looking at our utility bills. Are you paying too much? Maybe you’re on an amazing deal which is already saving you money every month? There are loads of different reasons why we all pay different amounts to those electricity companies every month. Let’s […]