With two weeks off school for Easter, many families choose to take that fortnight as their annual break. How can you do that without breaking the bank though? What family holidays can be enjoyed without affecting your financial position for the rest of the year? How can you find cheap Easter holidays?

Last Minutes Deals

If you are in the position to book a last minute deal, you might just bag yourself an absolute bargain. If there is availability remaining, travel agents will likely be wanting to fill the spaces, and fill them cheaply. See what you can book two weeks before the holidays, even a few days before. A bit of sun is a bit of sun and you might be able to get a cheap deal to the Canary Islands or the Balearics. You could book it yourself online by checking out last minute package holidays, booking flights and hotels direct. Some people even turn up at the airport and see where they can go. Maybe not one for families with young kids but what an adventure!

Avoid The Plane

You could avoid air travel completely and save yourself the cost of those air fares. Maybe you could drive and get the ferry to France or take the tunnel across the Channel instead. There are holiday parks not far from the dock or train station you could enjoy. Alternatively continue the drive through France and into another country. Maybe plan your own little European tour, only paying for the cost of the boat journey, fuel and camp sites.

Stay In The UK

Consider staying right here in the UK. You can find hotel deals, offers at caravan parks and B&Bs with last minute accommodation, all of which make cheap Easter holidays. You don’t have to travel far from home either, have a break away near the coast or find a glamping pod you can settle down in for a few nights. A week of day trips could also be a great way to enjoy cheap Easter holidays. Consider wild camping, completely free, just leave the place like you found it!

Visit Friends

If you have friends who live in a different part of the country, why not organise to visit them? One of the best cheap Easter holidays! You can both enjoy time together, doing something different to the usual, by combing your families for a few days. Organise day trips, camp in the garden, enjoy meals together. Enjoy exploring a different part of the country with a free and welcoming base. Return the favour next Easter so you can enjoy time together once again without a massive price tag!

Book Now For Next Year

Prices tend to increase for flights and holiday accommodation year on year. Things are generally getting more expensive so if you can book at this years prices for next year, you’re likely to save yourself some money. If you want to guarantee a holiday for the Easter school holidays next year, you can always find one at a price you’re happy with and book it now.

So Where Will Your Easter Holiday Be?

What have you got planned for Easter this year? Or next year? Whether you’re heading abroad or staying in this country, there are lots of memories to be made. Enjoy your Easter holidays!

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