With the cost of living on the up, we’re all looking for ways and means of saving money. One of these ways is to look at your supermarket bill. How exactly can you cut back on your weekly food shop? Keep reading for some awesome tips and advice of how to get yourself cheap food shopping.

Own Brand

Rather than buy branded foods, look down. Typically at supermarkets, more expensive branded items are placed at eye level, with budget brands lower down. There is little difference between branded cereal and the supermarket’s own version. The same with pasta. The same with bread. This list continues throughout the shop. You can find cheaper products which are almost identical. Could you tell the difference between supermarket’s own fish fingers and the leading brand? Probably not when they’re in a sandwich with a dollop of ketchup. Switch down a brand and you’ll start to notice the savings!

Avoid Deals

So many supermarket deals are just designed to cover the expensive price or get you to buy more than you actually need. Buy one get one free deals often crop up in supermarkets where the item is, for instance, £2. So, instead of one, you get two for £2. Down the road though, they might be selling for 85p each. So the deal, isn’t actually a deal. The same for 3 for 2 deals. You only want to buy on but they are trying to convince you to spend double what you had in mind. This might be worth it with long life items which will store, but fresh items will likely go bad before you use them. This simply means you’re paying for food waste. Remember, not every bright shiny labelled deal is actually a good deal.

Reduced Items

There are so many experts in the field of reduced items and they do it so well. Figure out when your preferred supermarket starts to discount their items. Then head to the store at that time and snap them up. There are people out there who live on yellow sticker items, every day. Filling their freezers with close to expiry goods and feeding families on a budget. This is one of the best ways you can find cheap food shopping. Get to know your freezer, make sure there is room for these discount purchases. You might not always find what you want on the reduced shelves but you can add variety to your diet by trying new products. You might even find a new favourite dish!

Too Good To Go

There is an app called Too Good To Go where you can pick up cheap food shopping. This might be a box of goods from Morrisons or a meal from a local pub. It’s a must to download to your phone and use. You never know what you might get in the boxes from Morrisons but I’ve written about Too Good To Go here. It’s worth a read and can certainly help you to save money and to cut food waste!

Multiple Meals

Get more from your shopping by buying better & planning meals. Rather than buying chicken breasts which can be expensive, buy a full chicken which will feed you for more than one meal. Roast the chicken and then cut off the pieces you need for your desired meal. Then you’ve got leftover meat you could use for the filling to a pie. Then you can make soup from boiling the carcass. This is not only making your money go further, it’s good for you as well! See what you can switch out on your shopping list to make more from what you buy.

Shop Locally

Instead of visiting supermarkets, have you considered shopping with independent suppliers? Go to the butchers for your meat. Visit the fruit and veg stall on the market. It’s not always cheaper, but you can sometimes go towards the end of the day and get things at better prices. One of the huge advantages of shopping like this is being able to buy exact the amount you need. If you only need two carrots, buy two carrots, not a 1kg supermarket bag of them. If you need three sausages, your butcher will sell you them rather you buying a pack of eight.

Cheap Food Shopping Conclusion

There are many ways to keep your budget down when food shopping. It might take a little bit of planning, you may have to shop at different times to what you usually do and you might have to walk to different stalls around your market but this will help you save money. Learn the basics and you’ll soon find yourself spending less on your big shop as you come home with cheap food shopping instead.

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