Finding cheap Halloween decorations and Halloween crafts can be hard, but here is one you can make using reclaimed wood and items you probably already have in your home. This is a child-friendly activity and a great spooky addition to your Halloween.

Cheap halloween decorations - Fright sign from reclaimed wood

Making your own cheap Halloween decorations is a great way to not only save money, but also to help reuse items and help out the environment.

What you will need to make your own halloween fright sign:

  • Reclaimed Wood
  • A Soda Pop Tab
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw
  • Green paint
  • Letter Stencils
  • Black Paint
  • A Small and a Large Paint Brushes


Using a saw, cut your reclaimed wood to the desired size (the size shown is 15″)
Clean the wood using washing up liquid, vinegar and water. Scrub off any dirt. Spray with a hose and allow to dry in the sun for a few hours.
When the wood is clean and dry paint it with green paint. You can add just a tiny dot of black paint to the mix for effect. Spread this evenly on the wood. Allow to dry. You may need to give a second coat.
Now, line up your stencil and begin to paint your chosen phrase. I liked the word Fright. I intentionally made the letters unevenly spaced to give it a spooky feeling for Halloween.
Allow to dry after your phrase is painted on the wood.
After a few hours of drying, flip the sign over.
Line up a soda pop tab so that it is in the center of the board and placed just so that the tab is even with the top of the board. Your pop tab should face you.
cheap Halloween decorations
Screw the pop tab to the sign.
Your sign is ready to hang. If you want to place it outdoors I would highly recommend sealing it with varnish.
cheap Halloween decorations
This is one of many great cheap Halloween decorations that you can easily make in the run up to Halloween.
cheap Halloween decorations

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