Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved one or ask someone to be with you. It doesn’t have to cost a lot though! Some of the best ideas cost little to nothing! Let’s take a look at some cheap Valentines Day activities you could make use of this year!

Film Marathon

Is there anything better than relaxing on the sofa with the love of your life, eating popcorn and watching movies? Pick your favourite film and enjoy it together. If its part of a trilogy of franchise, watch them all! Maybe you both love a certain actor or actress so have a Seth Rogen or Emma Stone film fest! If you don’t own the discs, you might be able to find them at a charity shop for 99p each or see if they are on your preferred streaming service. You could always just sit and enjoy everything that Film4 puts on their channel for Valentine’s Day.

Go For A Walk

If you love a good walk, enjoy one through the park together. For more adventurous folk, how about tackling a local hill together? Or maybe a mountain? Pack some sandwiches, water and coffee and enjoy the challenge together. Take time to enjoy the views too. Take a selfie by the trig point so you can forever remember your climb together.

Spa At Home

Who says that you have to shell out lots of cash for a spa experience? Get down to your nearest discount retailer and grab some face masks and aromatherapy products to pamper yourselves. There’s nothing like a bit of ocean and whale music playing the background on YouTube as you sit and relax with a face full of clay. Maybe the most relaxing of the cheap Valentines Day activities.

Get Your Game On

Break out the old board games from the cupboard, dust off the pieces and get down to some serious gaming. A competitive game of monopoly or risk can take a good few hours, perfect to see who’s the brains of the couple! If board games leave you bored, maybe head to an arcade where you can relive the nostalgia of penny slots and shoot ‘em ups. Work together to collect tickets to swap for a prize behind the counter which you’ll cherish forever.

Look At The Stars

Perhaps the cheapest on our list is stargazing. Perfect if you’ve not been able to spend the day together because of work. Find a local dark skies spot or simply head into your back garden for a spot of stargazing. A couple of blankets to keep you warm and see what constellations you can see.

Open Mic Or Quiz Night

Give yourself a budget for a couple of drinks and get to the local pub for a quiz night. Your team work will be tested as you compete against other couples and their combined knowledge. Maybe there’s a local open mic night you could attend instead. Listen to some great music or stand up comedy as you sit together and hold hands across the table.

Cook Together

Instead of booking a fancy restaurant and paying through the nose for an average meal, why not enjoy cooking together. Cooking is intimate and romantic. Choose your favourite meal, buy the ingredients and create some culinary delights. Be sure to add a bottle of wine to your shopping list and have plenty of fun cooking up a storm. You can then enjoy devouring your meals because you’ve earned it!

If you’re not sure what to do with your loved one on the day of love, take an idea from our list of cheap Valentines Day activities. Let us know your favourite ideas over on Twitter and have a wonderful Valentines Day!

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