With so much to do in the run up to Christmas, the festive season can fly by as quickly as it’s arrived. If you’re looking for some Christmas activities for toddlers, you’ve come to the right place. Mrs Pinch is here with some of our favourites, which will be a huge hit with your little ones.

Christmas Crafts

Toddlers love crafting and it can be a great thing to do during the festive season. There are loads of different ideas on Pinterest and they include felt, pom-poms and pipe cleaners. Have you ever considered giving your children’s makes away as Christmas gifts? Grandparents love it! Take one child size foot, one piece of card and some paint. Paint the foot, press it onto the card and you’ve got yourself a Christmas tree! Add some extra decorations and you’ve got a toddler made Christmas card!

Slime & Sparkles

Kids everywhere love slime and you can create festive slime with Christmas colours and smells. It’s not just the playing with the slime, it’s the creating it too which is a huge part of the fun. If you’re not up for making your own slime, simply add some sparkles to a tub of play dough for extra festive fun!

Wonderful Wreath

Decorating the front door to your house is so inviting during the festive season. Make it a family activity or use some craft supplies to get your little ones to make their own, perhaps for their bedroom doors? A polystyrene hoop, some tinsel, a few dabs of glue and some colourful pom-poms makes a great wreath. Alternatively, cut the middle out of a paper plate and get them to paint. Finish with a ribbon! This is one of the most simple of all the Christmas activities for toddlers, yet one they seem to love the most!

Brilliant Baking

Is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked biscuits? Get toddlers involved in creating the mixture, using festive cutters to shape the cookies and added some decorations at the end. Wrap them up as gifts for neighbours, treats for playgroup or just enjoy them with a glass of milk!

Reindeer Food

Create some treats for Santa’s reindeer by mixing together some oats, dried fruit and an extra special sprinkle of edible glitter. Bag it up for the children and sprinkle it outside on Christmas Eve. Be sure to not use any plastic star shapes or similar as they can be a danger to birds and other wildlife who feast on what the reindeer don’t munch.

Christmas Wrap

Why buy Christmas wrapping paper this year when you could get your children to make it? A roll of of brown parcel paper is relatively cheap and you can let the kids loose with crayons and colouring pencils. The personal touch can mean a lot!

Books & Films

Snuggle together on the sofa and enjoy a Christmas story like The Night Before Christmas. If you need some down time, pop a festive animation on the TV and munch your way through some popcorn together. Whilst they’re not old enough for Die Hard, they should be fine with Arthur Christmas!

Seeing Santa

A visit to Santa is just as important for capturing childhood memories on your iPhone as it is your children telling the big guy what they’d like this year. You don’t need to pay a lot for your visit to Father Christmas. Don’t get drawn in by expensive breakfast with Santa events. Garden centres often have amazing Santa’s grottos, with little gifts for the children, for about £5 a head. Make fantastic memories!

Reason For The Season

Christingles are a great way to help teach children all about the tradition of Christmas. You only need a few things to bring together your Christingle. Take an orange which represents the world and tie a red ribbon around the centre which represents the love and blood of Christ. Poke in some cocktail sticks and carefully add sweets and dried fruit, representing all of God’s creations. Finally add a candle to the top which, when lit, represents hope and Jesus’s light in the world. Children love the Christmas story and sneaking a couple of sweets into their mouths whilst decorating their oranges.

Enjoy the festive season with your little angels and keep them entertained with these top Christmas activities for toddlers.

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