Have your kids been watching television and between shows, adding every advertised toy to their Christmas list? The festive season is here and whilst buying can easily get out of hand, we all want our children to have a magical and memorable time. Let’s take a look at some ideas for Christmas gifts for kids.

Off The Telly

Maybe your children are obsessed with a certain TV show? Perhaps they’ve been saying that they want a certain specific item all year long? If you are going to get them the new toy from the Paw Patrol, PJ Masks or Lego Friends range, make sure you buy at the best price. This might not always be online (if it is, don’t forget to click through via a cashback site.) Retailer shops often have great discounts in the run up to Christmas. Don’t be afraid to buy from charity shops either. You often find great items that still have plenty of playing hours left in them. And if you spot a dinosaur toy that your kid will love, then why not snap it up?

Second Hand Still Has Use

With that said, it’s not just charity shops that have great products for low prices. Be sure to check Facebook Marketplace for items that local people are selling and eBay for things that you can have delivered. Second hand is still good and so often there is absolutely nothing wrong with the item, the person just doesn’t use it any more. A bit of elbow grease to get any dirt off it and make it look brand sparking new does the trick. If there are any marks on it, just say that the elves must have been paying with it before they put it in Santa’s sleigh!

Things They Need

Don’t be afraid to buy them things they need. If you have a new baby, wrap up some nappies. If your eldest needs new clothes as they’re outgrowing what the current contents of their wardrobe, buy them some trousers and t-shirts to open. Winter coats are expensive so wrap them up before they wrap up the kids! Stretch it as far as sports gear and things for classes they might attend. Football boots, swimming trunks, piano books.

Help Their Hobbies

Christmas gifts for kids don’t have to be physical things either, it can incorporate their hobbies. They can be the things they enjoy week in, week out. Whilst you might get them a new piano book for them to practise with, why not pay for their piano lessons as their Christmas gift? You could gift them their football lessons or going to girl guides. If relatives always ask what the kids would like for Christmas, they could always give money for these things too. “Grandma and Grandpa have paid for your swimming lessons this year.”

Family Memories

Value experiences over things. Experiences as a family. Spending time together. You could create a family box or jar and put little envelopes in which the children can pick out every month. Whatever it says inside you’ll do, as a family, within the next thirty days. This could include trips to the cinema, meals out, going to a theme park or a day at the zoo. Obviously a trip to the beach might not be ideal if picked out in February, but it might be the best day out you have, the one you always talk about for years to come. If you’ve booked your holiday for next year, keep it a secret until Christmas Day and give it as a family gift. That way, when they perhaps receive a little less this year, they still have that holiday to look forward to.

Remember, you don’t have to spend money to have a wonderful Christmas. Children crave time with loved ones as much, if not more than toys and sweets. Spend time together, play games that you already own, snuggle up and watch a festive film on the TV. These are the gifts they will remember, the gifts of time well spent.

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