If you are looking for some gifts for cats this Christmas season then I have put together some Christmas presents for cats that our cats love. These cat gifts will give you plenty of ideas for how to treat your furry babies this festive season, no matter what your budget.

Christmas presents for cats

When it comes to choosing gifts for cats it can be a minefield. There are so many great stockings, toys, activities and snacks on offer. Here are my favourite Christmas presents for cats.

Of course the cats need a special stocking for their Christmas gifts. This fish shaped one is £1.99 in Home Bargains.

Our cats love stick toys, but Treecko adores any toys with a feathery but on the end, so this cat stick toy from Poundland (for £1) is going to be a favourite.

This Dreamies selection box offers 4 different flavours of Dreamies, with 30g bags. £2 from Poundland.

The cats absolutely will not wear this…but I couldn’t resist. These pet reindeer ears are just £1 from Wilko.

The cats are going to love this – it is a toy mouse that makes real life mouse squeaks. I will 100% get worried that there is a real mouse in the house! £2.99 from TK Maxx.

The cats love the crunchy toys (right) so when I saw this two pack in Home Bargains for just 99p I had to get it for them.

Cat nip toys in Christmas colours? What more could they want? These are £1 per pack from Poundland.

This was gifted for my Christmas gift guide on EmmaDrew.Info, but I absolutely had to include it here. This cat DJ scratching pad will have your cats making tunes in no time.

This Santa toy teaser is from Home Bargains for £1.29

This festive vibrating cat nip robin is £1.29 from Home Bargains.

This cat bites bauble is 99p from Home Bargains

This Garfield cat stocking has 10 items in it for £2 from B&M Bargains

Another cat stocking is £3 at B&M Bargains

Or there is a Felix one for £3 too at B&M Bargains

Christmas gifts for cats

Don’t forget your furbaby’s drinks this Christmas with Pawsecco – alcohol free ‘wine’ for cats and dogs.

An automatic laser pointer is one of the best cat gifts you can give a cat! Simply switch it on and it runs for a few minutes keeping your cat or cats entertained.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much we want to buy this cat house for the cats to enjoy outside. At almost £70 it is definitely something we are looking to get second hand or on sale, but I think it would be great for Alaska in particular who loves our massive chapel loft because the temperate feels like outside without getting her paws cold.

our christmas cat gifts

Here are the gifts that we have for our little tribe this Christmas. We might add in more Dreamies and snacks for them as the big day draws closer.

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