Rented house are often difficult to make feel like home. With a few top tips and the permission of your landlord you’ll soon be comfy and cosy in your own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Here are some great ideas from Mrs Pinch about decorating a rented house.

Sprucing Up For Someone Else

It’s difficult to get your head around paying to spruce up a house that is owned by someone else. So adding some of your own personality without spending too much is key. Landlords will, 9 times out of 10, let you paint the walls but always make sure you ask. It’s good for them. They’re getting a fresh paint job without having to pay for it. White paint helps keep everywhere looking clean and gives you a blank canvas to work with. You might be able to inject some added personality with a feature wall – be aware that pastel tones and lighter colours are much easier to paint over if you ever leave. There’s no harm in talking to your landlord, they might even have some suggestions or offer to get someone in to paint it for you.

Fine Furniture

Depending on whether your property comes furnished or unfurnished will alter the amount of space you have to play with in terms of furniture. Colourful cushions and a throw, transforms what could be a dingy looking couch into a welcoming sofa. Seat cushions on dining room chairs, a new tablecloth, your own bedspread. These are things that turn a rent house into your very own home. It’s little touches like this that help you feel at home when decorating a rented house.

For Your Feet

If your house doesn’t have carpets it can often feel draughty and cold. By adding a rug to your room you not only give it style and a splash of colour, you feel the benefit underfoot too. No more cold footed walks to the bathroom in the night. Warmer rooms in winter months. Some new slippers in your shoe storage can help you feel at home when you return from a long day at work.

Super Storage

Whilst there might be shelves on the wall already, they might not be to your taste. Free-standing units and bookcases can help you display your collection of DVDs or books and if you end up moving, you can take them with you. Make sure they are functional and affordable. Try Facebook marketplace or Ikea.

Add Some Artwork

Avoid drilling holes into walls. Your landlord might end up charging you to fill them in. That doesn’t mean you can’t hang photos, frames and gorgeous artwork though. Use those damage free picture hanging strips which are easily available from most supermarkets. They hold a decent frame and come off leaving no evidence.

House Plants

Whilst relatively affordable, house plants can easily help you personalise a room. They add colour and keep the air in your home clean. House plants have even been proven to reduce stress. They can even help disguise nasty looking window ledges that you can’t do much else with. What are your favourite house plants? Have you researched what the best apartment plants are?

Choose Charity and Shop Sales

When you shop at charity shops you can not only pick up amazingly priced sought after pieces of furniture for your home decor, you’re also helping out a great cause. Shop half price or even 70% off sales for new curtains, vases, candle holders and lampshades. These can give a dull looking room some real kerb appeal.

Make a budget and stick to it. Use these top tips on decorating a rented house and you’ll soon be sat in your living room, enjoying your favourite book or television show, feeling perfectly at home in your surroundings.

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