It is reported that here in the UK, there are more cameras per person than in any other country. We are a watched nation. With cameras on the streets and in our cities, are there any benefits of you having your own CCTV camera at home? What are the positive points of having one? They are readily available and ultra easy to install, but do you need one?

Protect Your Home & Family

One of the main reasons you may consider installing a CCTV camera is to protect your home and family. Protecting your belongings, having a watch over your driveway, keeping an eye on your home whilst you are away, these are benefits. You might not live in the most crime ridden place in the country but there are thieves in every town. People who will try car doors in the middle of the night to see if you’ve left it unlocked. If you accidentally have, you can wake up to find your belongings taken from your vehicle. If you have video evidence of the person stealing your things, the police are more likely to be able to catch the criminal.

There are cameras which can be mounted outside as well as indoors, so you can even keep an eye on what’s going on during the day if you’re out at work. Some people simply have them to check up on their pets. Many modern CCTV camera systems are wireless and can be monitored via your phone, from all around the world.

Deter Criminal Activity

If criminals looking to break into a house see that the area is protected and covered by cameras, they will likely move on. It’s not just robbers though. There are many scam artists these days who prey on the elderly and vulnerable. Again, if they see that there is camera activity on the property, they will likely avoid knocking on the door. A CCTV camera in this case is an ideal investment if you have vulnerable people at home during the day when you’re at work, or you have elderly parents who are the ideal candidate for opportunistic criminals.

Remember when people used to put a ‘Beware Of The Dog’ sign on their side gate to deter people trying to climb over? It’s similar to that. The more things we can do to stop these things potentially happening to us, the better. The benefit of cameras if that if it doesn’t deter, you can see exactly who has tried to access your house and been on your property.

Better Insurance Rates

Insurance is one way to keep ourselves covered should something happen. Every year this is paid for to ensure we’re protected, our home and our belongings, against the ‘just in case’. It might be a condition of your mortgage or rental agreement too. With that in mind, its an annual bill we’re all going to be hit with. You may find that insurance companies give you a better insurance rate if you have a CCTV camera system on the property. Any discount on an annual bill is a good thing, right?

Easy To Install & Cost Effective

There are so many brands out there when you start looking for a CCTV camera, it can often seem confusing. The reality is though, that the majority of them do the same. You can go to a professional CCTV company and get one professionally installed, wired in and so on. But for much less of a financial payout, you’ll find wireless cameras which you can set up yourself. These can be positioned indoors or outdoors, depending on the make and model.

Plug them in, connect to your wireless, download the app and watch what is happening via your phone. You can also tailor alert settings for activity on a certain part of your property. There is also the ability to go back and watch previous footage, as well as exporting clips. This is a cost effective way to have a CCTV camera system in your home.

Enhanced Peace Of Mind

Your peace of mind is an important thing and anything to enhance that is a good investment. Having cameras watching your property, ones that monitor and record automatically, notifying you should you need to see something, helps your contentment. Knowing that you have a CCTV camera in place that will potentially deter criminals and even help police, is a good thing.

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