Easter is a time for friends and family. It’s a time for sharing love and making memories. One of the best ways to do that is to enjoy amazing Easter treats together. Whatever your favourite flavours, there is something incredibly tasty for you to enjoy this Easter Sunday.

Shop For Easter Eggs

With so many Easter eggs on the market these days, there really is everyone’s favourite flavour now available in egg form. From popular Creme Eggs to Oreo and Caramel versions, you can indulge in your best bites or try something different this year. Full size Easter eggs range from traditional milk chocolate to Prosecco, or even Gin & Tonic flavoured options. If you look on the supermarket shelves as well as the chocolate specific high street retailers, you’ll find something mindbogglingly delicious for everyone you’re spending Easter with.

One A Penny, Two A Penny

Hot cross buns are the staple of many Easter feasts. Is there anything better than a toasted hot cross bun, smothered in proper butter? The spongy texture, the warm flavours of the spices, the lashings of butter. Utterly delicious! In recent years bakeries and other shops have been creating alternative flavours of hot cross buns. Salted caramel, chocolate orange, apple and cinnamon. These are just a few flavours which have been introduced and enjoyed. You could even bake your own to make sure your Grandma’s recipe continues own the generations!

Make Easter Nests

This is perhaps the ultimate in all Easter holidays activities for parents and children alike. Making Easter nests is like a tradition in many houses and the creating of them is just as much fun as the eating! All your need is some chocolate, some cereal such as cornflakes or rice crispies and some Mini Eggs. Simply melt your chocolate, and once it’s melted, throw in enough handfuls of cereal to ensure a good chocolate coating for the cereal. Make sure you keep stirring the cereal until it’s all covered. Next, get some bun cases and simply spoon the cereal and chocolate mixture into the cases. Push a thumb into the top of each nest-like mound to make sure there is space for your eggs. They don’t have to be the Cadburys kind, they could be a variation or whatever you can lay your hands on. Pop them in the fridge to set before enjoying with a cup of tea!

Vegan & Other Variations

So many of us have dietary choices and requirements to stick to, which means that perhaps we can’t always enjoy what other people can. From gluten free to vegan, these things can sometimes feel like they limit us. Not any more! There are loads of diary free Easter eggs available to buy. Gluten free hot cross buns as well! Vegan chocolate eggs too! No longer you are excluded if you have an allergy or you have to exclude certain ingredients from your diet.

As you can see, there really are excellent Easter treats available for everyone. Pick your favourites, munch away and make amazing Easter memoires with friends and family this year.

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