Do you feel like grocery shopping is costing more and more?

That’s because it is!

If you’re sick of spending more and more every time you need groceries, then our free ebook is here to help!


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Are you looking for NEW ways to save money and even make money on your grocery shopping bill?

You already know that food and other necessities are costing more, and your grocery spend is increasing every week.

You already cook from scratch, you’ve downshifted your brands and you know all about shopping at the yellow sticker shelf.

What you need are money saving ideas that you haven’t heard before, and maybe even ways to make money from your grocery spending.

You need to know the best cashback deals and the best ways to save even more money



Not Your Average Shopper

That’s why we have created the Not Your Average Shopper eBook. 

It is packed with money-saving tips and tricks that’ll make your weekly shop more affordable – and it doesn’t involve shopping at the cheap shelf or downshifting any of your brands. 

Best of all: It is completely FREE!

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