Most people daydream of traveling the world. Often, this comes along with the common misconception that traveling means spending a lot of money.

This isn’t true. It doesn’t have to be anyway.

How much you spend while you travel is completely up to you! While I can’t list all of the affordable excursions available in every city, I will list some free things you can do in some of the most popular US cities.

New York, New York

If you’re planning on making a trip to the Big Apple, you might stress out about making the most of your travel budget. This is understandable, given New York is the most expensive tourist destination in the US.

But NYC does offer some free activities for those looking to save some money, and you can definitely visit New York on a budget.

NYC is known for some pretty big television productions, and you can easily become a part of the audience at zero cost. Seat-fillers are often used for shows like Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and even Saturday Night Live.

Many are surprised to learn that attending live tapings of these shows are completely free. You just need to be quick. Reserve a spot for these tapings and show up at the appropriate set time!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Most people travel to Las Vegas for its party scene. The casinos, restaurants, and clubs located in Sin City are not cheap. But it’s fairly easy to find free things to do in Las Vegas, you just need to know where to look.

The Bellagio Fountain Show is among one of the most popular free attractions. Conveniently located in the middle of the Strip, this fountain show is a big deal. The show happens every 15 minutes throughout the day, so you can easily catch it as you’re walking down the Vegas Strip.

If you make your way inside the actual casino, you will find the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This is a great spot for getting those ideal vacation photos. The garden is open 24/7 and the theme of the garden changes every few months.

Chicago, Illinois

Known for its culture, there are a lot of great museums in the city of Chicago. Not all of them are free, but the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art is.

This museum offers a wide variety of exhibitions, curated by UChicago students. For the rest of 2019, you can find exhibits based on the evolution of music videos, South African feminism, a collection of lush garden art, and more.

Los Angeles, California

Getting a glimpse of the entire city of Los Angeles is not difficult to do. Head up to the Griffith Observatory located in Griffith Park for the best views in the city. And yes, it is free.

Griffith Observatory offers a free astronomy museum where you can find a super Zeiss telescope to view the city’s cosmos.

Atlanta, Georgia

There’s a lot of history in the southern US states, and Atlanta holds some of the most unique tourist attractions you can learn from. In the city, you can visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Here, you’ll find the house where Martin Luther King Jr. was born and other buildings that contributed to the legacy of MLK. Tours of the MLK Historic Site are guided but are absolutely free.

The length of the tour is 30 minutes and they depart every hour throughout the day.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Considered to be one of the most visited attractions in Philadelphia, the Rocky Statue and Rocky Steps are free to visit. Here, you can run up the steps and reenact all the Rocky movies.

If you’re traveling to Philly for its historic means, you can visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were born. It’s pretty neat that they’ve kept this open and free to the public.

Miami, Florida

With the coldest months of the year approaching, you may be considering a trip to Miami for some sunshine. While the beaches are free to explore, getting there might cost you, unless you opt-in for the Metromover.

The Metromover is a free transit system that runs through three different loops and serves 20 different locations located in Downtown Miami. It’s highly recommended to use this system when getting around, as traffic throughout the city can get pretty bad.


In conclusion, traveling is something everyone should try and do. Stop giving into the idea that exploring different cities means breaking the bank. It doesn’t have to!

Try out these seven free things to do if you find yourself in the US cities listed above.

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