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The UK is now easing itself more and more out of lockdown, many other countries are also doing them same. This has caused many people to breath a huge sigh of relief as things start to return to a form of normalcy. Dating being on of those normalizes as after all dating during a lockdown has its issues. The future of dating and indeed online dating however is most likely going to change.

The outbreak and rapid spread of Coronavirus has effected us all and completely changed the outlook of many people around the world. Even now as the lockdowns are being eased there are fears from many that the lockdowns will start again due to a second wave.

There have been many silver-linings though. The realization and potential of working from home for many workers, better appreciation for those in key positions keeping countries going throughout the lockdown.

The world of online dating is sure to change as well though due to this lockdown.

Video Dating

With the way fears currently are about a new wave of coronvirus cases then video dating will most likely be a new form of dating that we will see in the future.

From what I know no dating site offers a dedicated video chat service on their site. Though I am sure that it is a direction that many will pick, not just due to the current world events.

The ability to actually see and communicate with your potential date partner is invaluable. Especially with nostringsdating. A video chat ability will allow further personality matching, allow any awkwardness to get out the way sooner so a physical date can go even better, be a great second base on getting to know each other better and also help people by lessening the people that like to catfish others.

It is most likely that many people on adult dating site will find other ways to use these video chat abilities but that’s just the way things roll sometimes.

I think that the sites that are quickest to adapt and adopt new ways for their clients to contact each other such as video calling and chatting each other via their sites or apps, will be ahead of the competition. After all by going through the site or app of one of these places can help further protect people and their privacy. Which is unlikely to happen if people have to use another service to video contact each other.

Future of physical dates

The is of course still a future for physically dating.

After all that is what the goal of the messaging, chatting about and video calling will be for. Getting to know each other more before having that all important first date together.

Bars and restaurants are starting to open their doors again. Some with exciting features which are also there to protect you, such as pods which were featured in several newspapers and magazines.

You just have to be extra careful to keep yourself safe at the moment. But I can’t imagine it being romantic being there with a facemask on!

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