When it comes to Easter, the more chocolate the better. That means bigger eggs, thicker eggs, more chocolate for your pound. A few years ago there was a trend about mini items being in fashion but that doesn’t progress into the world of Easter eggs. What you want this Easter is giant Easter eggs to sink your teeth into. What are the best and how much do they cost?

The Biggest Easter Egg Ever

Let’s start with a little bit of history. Have you ever wondered what the biggest ever Easter egg actually has been? Maybe you’re a fan of world record and already know. Well, for those not in the know, let’s give you some facts to chomp on. The largest decorated Easter egg was recorded at 15.02m in height and 8.72m in diameter. That’s over 49 feet tall and 28 feet wide! This record is from 2019. The egg took 48 hours to create and was for the festival ‘Osterfest’ in Brazil.

Loads Of Chocolate

Let’s get into the best bits. The mouthwatering, succulent smelling, cracking giant Easter eggs from the well known retailers you recognise and love. You know their names but have you seen the size of their biggest eggs, as it were? All the big names are there, Cadbury, Thorntons, Hotel Chocolat. There’s perhaps nothing else which is more Easter than a Cadbury Creme Egg and they’ve created a bundle of deliciousness which is perfect for fans of the crème. In the box you get one giant chocolate egg with a pack of five Creme Eggs to enjoy. Could there be anything better this Easter?

Well, maybe there could be! Hotel Chocolat take things to the next level and after Cadbury changed their chocolate, people started looking elsewhere. Hotel Chocolat eggs are made from some of the best chocolate around. Amazingly thick too, more so than you might imagine. Take a look at the Hotel Chocolat 1.6kg Ostrich egg. Possibly the best of all the giant Easter eggs on the market.

Maybe you want to support what is probably one of the staples of the British high street. Thorntons has delicious chocolate but is sometimes overlooked because they sell in supermarkets too. If you’re looking for the extra special gift this Easter, try the Marvellous Magnificent egg which is sold for £20. You can grab two on a deal for £30 and it also includes up-to-30-characters of personalisation.

Mould Your Own

If there’s nothing that tickles your taste buds, how about making your own? There are loads of moulds available for you to make your own giant Easter eggs. Search online and you’ll find these moulds on Amazon, Ebay and in-store at craft shops too. Put together your own amazing creations and spoil your family and friends. Maybe you could turn it into a new side hustle?

Easter is a special time for so many people. Enjoy an abundance of Easter eggs and enjoy gifting them to your loved ones too. Happy Easter for Mrs Pinch!

I bet you will LOVE this Easter egg cheesecake!

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