Gift-giving is a process that can consume more time than you wish and often you’re not sure if the eventual choice will hit the mark. This guide is here to ease your worries and ensure that your foodie friend or loved one receives the most thoughtful of presents whatever the occasion.

Load Them Up With Literature

Knowledge is power and with the multitude of options available when experimenting with a barbeque cook whether the recipient is just beginning their journey or they have years of experience serving up, plenty can be learnt. A mix of books could provide expert grilling techniques, seasoning suggestions, prep tips or general inspiration that takes a love of the topic to new places.

Personalized Tools

There is no end of options when it comes to the things that you can make special by personalizing the tools needed. The amount of choice caters for all budgets and would illustrate the thought behind the giving. Maybe you could opt for a collection of utensils with carved initials, a handy cutting board for the meat to rest on, etched out to mark a memorable moment you share, a fun-but-practical chef’s hat that enhances the cooking experience while practically considering hygiene or, if you have an increased budget, a quality knife (set) to make their job easier when carving for service.

Barbeque Apron

A premium-quality apron with durability is high on the list for all BBQ enthusiasts as it’s just so practical. No longer will they worry about stray stains reaching clothing, the sharpness of the instrument cutting through anything but meat or things ever getting too hot to handle. Something like this gift idea is also an investment piece that could be treasured for years to come. Opting for a leather apron ensures it can be well-kept over time and look just as good decades on.

Smoking Sensation

Now anybody who loves a barbecue knows how much a good smoke can add to the taste of the meat. If you want to set someone up with all the equipment for their passion, then a smoker has to be a consideration. Stepping away from the grill, a smoker would be perfect for those that see the process as a labor of love. The process takes longer than a grill and is perhaps for those who take preparation to that next level, with lower cooking heats, a truly traditional wood-burning approach is said to create the ultimate flavors. This gift would be perfect for dry-aged ribeye to sear and cook away on before it is enjoyed by a whole crowd of folks.

Don’t Forget The Spices

What’s the rub? That’s a big question when it comes to the BBQ as this long-held traditional cook has a religious-like feel. So distinct is the way communities’ approach the marination of their meat that it can differ significantly from region to region. Take note of the style of cooking in your code and offer up a spice sensation that matches the mood. Whether that be with a sweet dry rub, a South Carolinian tangy mustard or a Memphis-style mop sauce you should have all bastes covered if you gift a spice set.

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