Maybe you’ve seen the adverts on the TV. Perhaps you’ve seen the company advertised online. You might have even signed up but have no idea what to do next. Quidco is a brilliant addition to your online shopping but what if you find yourself thinking, how do I use my Quidco account? Let’s take a look at how to use the cashback site to get the most out of it.

My Quidco Account

If you don’t know what Quidco is, let’s start at the beginning. Quidco is a cashback website which allows you to earn money back on your online shopping. For instance, if you click through Quidco to Marks & Spencer, buy a few items for delivery, you could earn perhaps 10% of what you spent in cashback. The wondrous magic of Quidco does it all for you. It tracks the journey you make from the Quidco site and sees how much you spend so your cashback can be allocated.

Earn Cashback

The great thing about Quidco is that there are so many retailers on there. Whenever you do some online shopping, check if the retailer is on there. Even if it’s just offering 1% of your purchase as cashback, that’s essentially a 1% saving! At the time of writing this you can get up to 11% cashback at House Of Fraser, 17.25% cashback at The Book People and up to £100 cashback on Now Broadband. Since using my Quidco account I’ve earned thousands of pounds in cashback on items I would have bought anyway. Getting something back on those online spends is a massive bonus and when you withdraw your cash into your account, treat yourself, save it up or pop it away for a rainy day.

Keep An Eye Out For Bonuses

Speaking of bonuses, Quidco often give you bonuses for shopping through their website. For instance, at the time of writing this, if you earn £60 in cashback you will receive a £15 bonus! These special offers and bonuses pop up throughout the year and they are well worth it. They sometimes boost the cashback rates for a certain amount of time too. This could be for seven days or maybe as a 48 hour flash sale.

Withdraw More

When you have payable cashback ready to withdraw, you can simply pop in your details and withdraw it into your account via bank transfer. You can also connect your PayPal account and send it into that. Alternatively you can boost the amount you’re withdrawing. Boost it by 4% and withdraw as a Tesco gift card or 10% if you fancy withdrawing as a Costa Coffee gift card. If you find yourself doing a lot of shopping at Amazon, you can withdraw to an Amazon gift card with a 2% boost. If you’re going to shop at these places anyway, you might as well get a little extra to go towards your purchases.

Get The App

I don’t use my Quidco account because I’m never on my computer.” Fear not cashback warrior! Download the app to your smartphone and have the power of earning cashback in your hands wherever you go! Download for both iPhone and Android devices and you can view daily updated offers, track your cashback activity and earn on the go!


The saving-on-your-everyday-groceries arm of Quidco is called Clicksnap. Browse offers from your favourite brands and top up your Quidco account with extra cashback. Simply buy the featured product from the participating shop, snap a photo of the receipt within seven days and your cashback will drop into your account. Check out our Clicksnap post here.

Earn cashback on your everyday purchases with Quidco. Once you know exactly what you’re doing with it, it’s easy to earn cashback and top up your bank account. When friends, family & other people you know say “I can’t work out how to use my Quidco account” you’ll be able to step up and help them become a cashback king or queen!

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