Have you purchased green tea only to throw it away because you don’t like the taste? Don’t disregard this drink – you just need to try a better brew! Green tea is a healthy, tasty, and economical drink to enjoy at any time of the day. Your perfect cup of green tea is not bitter or harsh – find out how to get the balance right with this easy brewing guide to green tea.

Rules of Thumb for Satisfying Green Tea

There are many types of green tea including different leaf sizes and shapes, different origins, and variable harvesting seasons, so there is no one “true” way to brew green tea. Follow this guide but be swayed by your own preferences. Experiment until you achieve your favourite taste.

Use two grams of leaves for each six ounces of water, as a rule. It helps to measure the tea leaves by weight and not volume as they vary in size and shape. Use fresh water, not previously boiled water, and make sure the water tastes fresh. You can use filtered, bottled, or tap water.

Use the best speciality tea you can find. Higher quality leaves produce a more satisfying taste. The flavours are more defined and the experience is more enjoyable.

Heating the Water for Green Tea

Get the water temperature right and you help balance the amino acid content of the tea. This provides sweetness and flavour and reduces bitterness. You may not get the ideal mix of flavours if your water is too cold. On the other hand, water at too high a temperature makes a more astringent tea. Use water just short of the boil. Boiling water can scald delicate tea leaves. You can also boil the water then leave it to cool slightly. Using a tea thermometer helps get the temperature exactly right, but it is not essential. Many people pre-warm the pot or the mug.

Steeping the Tea

How long you steep your tea – keep the leaves infusing in the water – depends on the type of tea and your personal taste. Sip the tea after a minute to check how the flavour is developing. The best steeping time is between one and three minutes. You may have to try a few times to get the perfect brew. Larger leaves infuse more slowly than smaller leaves. Remember to leave enough room in your strainer or infuser for the leaves to unfurl and therefore release the full flavour of the tea. You can also add green tea leaves directly to the teapot or cup and then strain the leaves when you pour the tea.

You can reuse whole green tea leaves up to three times. This creates a new flavour to the tea each brew and is an economical way to enjoy your daily green tea treat. Sit back, relax, and savour your green tea, knowing that it not only tastes great but provides some powerful health benefits too.

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