You have probably seen the adverts on the television. Maybe you’ve been bombarded with logos whilst you work online. Have you ever actually used eBay though? If you’re brand new to the service but want to see what is available this walk through is for you. Keep reading for clear information on how to buy on eBay for beginners.

Set Up Your Account

The first thing you need to do is set up your account. You’ll need an email address and a password, along with your first and last name to get past the first screen. You can sign up with your Google or Facebook details to make life easier should you wish. You’ll receive an email into your inbox, follow the instructions to verify your details.

Be Aware

It’s wise to be aware that you could be prone to scammers and spammers now you have signed up. Always make sure that the emails you open are actually real ones from eBay. Never share your log in details with other people either. When you buy things you’re entering into a contract with the seller and the last thing you want is for people to buy things using your account.

Search For Specific Products or Simply Browse

Maybe you’ve signed up so you can find a specific item you’ve been thinking about buying. Perhaps you just want to see what’s on offer and at what prices. Whichever reason you came to set up an eBay account, you can easily use the search bar and type in what you’re after. You can also click into categories such as Home & Garden or Fashion in order to see available items. One thing to remember is that whilst people so sell second hand items on eBay, there are companies that sell brand new items on there too.

Look Out For Promotions

An additional point on our How To Buy On eBay For Beginners guide is to look out for promotions. Keep an eye on the banners at the top of the site as more often than not there is an offer to entice you to buy. At the time of writing this they have 15% off discount code if you shop with certain sellers. These often include well known names like Music Magpie, Simba and Euro Car Parts. This could be perfect if you’re after a phone, mattress or some vehicle screenwash!

Place Your Bid

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you need to place your bid, if it’s running as an auction. Sellers typically put their items online as a 7 day listing, giving people a week to bid the item. This time duration can be changed though but it is detailed on the listing. Once you’ve put your bid on, you’ll discover if you’re currently the highest bidder or not. Someone else might have placed a higher maximum bid which automatically outranks yours. Some top tips are to make sure you see when the listing is ending and be on your computer on the eBay app on your smartphone when it’s coming to a close. You’ll be able to place last minute bids and maybe even pick up a bargain.

Buy It Now

Some items don’t run as auctions, instead they have Buy It Now prices. Some have both but one an auction starts the Buy It Now option will vanish. Buy It Now simply means that you buy it right now, at the set price. So maybe there’s an auction listing for a new Power Bank starting at £9.99 with 6 days left. Under it there’s a Buy It Now listing for the same product at £10. If you need the Power Bank sooner, you might as well Buy It Now!

Make Your Payment

Once you’ve committed to your Buy It Now purchase or the auction ends and you have the winning bid, you need to pay for the item. This final amount might include a listed delivery fee or you might have bid on something with free delivery, or maybe even local collection only. Sellers must allow card payments or payment via PayPal. They might also accept bank transfer, bank deposit, cheques, money orders, as well as cash on delivery or payment on collection. Be sure to double check how you can pay before you commit to the sale.

Enjoy Your New Product

If your item includes delivery, simply wait for it to arrive. If it’s a local collection, get yourself in the car and go get it! You’ll then be able to position that new dining table, play on the handheld gaming device or start working out on that second hand treadmill. Enjoy your purchased product!

Now you know what the process of purchasing through eBay is, you’ll soon be able to find anything and everything you need on the site. If you have family or friends who have never used the site too, please share our How To Buy On eBay For Beginners post with them. Maybe you could sit with them and help them with their first purchase too? You’ll ditch that beginners label in no time and soon be an eBay buying master!

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