There’s nothing quite like adding a personal touch to your Christmas season. One of the many ways of doing this is to create photo Christmas cards for family, friends and loved ones. Let’s run through the best ways to do this with plenty of time to spare this festive season, so everyone can enjoy them!

How to Create Photo Christmas Cards

The All Important Photographs

If you’re going to create photo Christmas cards, one of the main ingredients of the project is an actual photograph. Many families want to send that picturesque traditional Christmas card of them all sat in the front room, wearing festive jumpers. With a decorated Christmas tree and roaring flames in the fireplace. To be able to do this though, you need to have a very quick turnaround, putting your Christmas decorations up early. Many people only put theirs up a couple of weeks before Christmas which isn’t really ideal for getting your photos printed and then your cards made and posted. So what else can you do? One idea is to head to garden centres which so often start putting their decorations up straight after Halloween. Pop your ugly Christmas jumpers on and get a friend or fellow customer to take a photo on your phone. This means you’ve got the entire month of November to organise things. If you want a professional, some photographers will take you to a Christmas tree farm where thy have an agreement with the owners to do photo shoots. This is perhaps slightly more idealistic and appealing for the front of your photo Christmas cards.

DIY & Shop Bought Cards

Once you’ve got your photos taken, you need to get them printed. Either send them online for delivery or head to your local photo printing shop. Some supermarkets have kiosks that you can do this at too, directly from your phone or USB stick. You then need to either create your own cards to affix the photos to or buy some pre designed ones from the shop shelves. You simply slot the photograph into the front of the card which festively frames your seasonal looking family. Whilst shop bought are lovely and less time consuming, you can add a more personal touch by making your own. Once Christmas is over, the recipient might even take the photo out and frame it for all year round viewing.

Make Your Cards Online

You can also make your photo Christmas cards online. Some of the same photo printing services you may use in the step above quite often have wonderful online creation software. This lets you choose designs, set your photo into the card design and print the entire thing off. These are then delivered to your desired address for you to write and post. If you don’t want a bulk order of identical cards, you can design and buy individual ones. These can type your seasons greetings onto the design and then get it posted directly to the recipient.

Whether you choose to make your own photo Christmas cards or design and send them online, cutting yourself out as the middleman, there are loads of ways of getting creative. Emails and text messages are wonderful things but there is something quite romantic and traditional about receiving a card through the post. Surprise someone you love with a card through the letterbox this Christmas.

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