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When it comes to wedding venues, some of us will have chosen their perfect venue long ago and never wavered on that is the place. For most however picking the right wedding venue can be a difficult job and one sometimes filled with frustration. As such then here are some tips for choosing that perfect wedding venue.



Often you might not have a clue on where to look for what might be suitable. In our case we ended up driving by nearly everyday one of the locations that we considered for our wedding but didn’t even think of it until partway through the process. There are several sites where you can also find recommendations for all sorts of events such as Square Meal private dining restaurants, you could use them for a venue or even find a couple of perfect venues.


At the end of the day you really need to make sure that the venue you have chosen matches your personalities. Is it a place that you both like, does it match your tastes. A barn conversion, a church important to the family, a beach wedding abroad or a grand Manor House? Some could even mix several of these together for you


Unfortunately this is a massive one. You will have to stick to your weddings budget as if you use all of your budget on the location then you don’t have the money for the other things that you would want or even need.

You can definitely have a wedding on any budget!


You will often have to factor location into the mix as well. As although family and friends are often willing to travel if it is too expensive then they will often not be able to afford to come. This is often the case with weddings held in other countries, friends and family just can’t afford to go.


Does the venue you have in mind accommodate the amount of people you are planning to invite and who will come? If it is too small then you will need to cut down your guest list or maybe rethink the venue. Always ask how many people can be accommodated by the venue.


Many venues will already have either their own chefs, catering staff and kitchens or will have a partnership with a company that will come in to do so. These are options to keep in mind as well and could also effect the budget, as if it is a company that comes in to do the catering then you are paying for venue and the catering company. On the other hand if the venue is providing the catering, as many places will also be private dining restaurants that cater to many different events, then the cost could be more but might be lower than if you had to hire a catering company on top.


We all love wedding photos and you will love looking back on your own wedding photos, as such you do need to check the lighting of a venue. Although a skilled photographer can do wonders for the photos they take they can’t do much about a locations natural lighting or even how the venue uses their own lights. It will be important to take a few photos when you visit to get a feel on how the light might be in your own photos.

Visit several times

Sometimes you do need to visit several times. The venue will not mind this as after all people need to be sure. Sometimes the first visit can be overwhelming with the views and information, but when you visit a second time you can often look at it more in detail, pick out things you like and dislike easier.

Get the feeling

Sometimes you will have the feeling right away but sometimes it might take a visit or two. Can you feel that you can and will be married there? Can you feel a connection to the location? Once you find that feeling then you will most likely have found your venue.

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