As you probably already know, getting and staying organised can have lots of different benefits, including reducing your stress levels, helping you stay healthy, and even helping you save money. Whether you want to get more organised in 2022 in terms of the items that you own in your home, how you utilise your space, or how you use your time, the good news is that there are lots of ways that you can achieve and stick to this New Year’s resolution. When you are able to organise your life better, you will also be able to connect with others more easily, as being disorganised can leave you avoiding having people over to your home or even missing out on events. While some people are naturally more organised than others, for some, it can take a little bit more work to get there – but don’t worry, it’s not impossible. Keep reading for some of our top tips to transform your organisation skills in 2022.

Get a Calendar

First things first: get a calendar that you can hang somewhere in your home and write any important dates on. While most smartphones and computers today have calendar apps, the problem with these is that you have to open the app to use the calendar, which might mean that you’re not always reminded of what’s happening on a certain day. Sure, you can set reminders, but these might not be set until really close to the event or you might forget to turn on the notification. On the other hand, having a physical calendar hanging in your kitchen means that you’ll see it every time you go in the room, and it’ll be easier to keep track of what’s happening each month. This personalised calendar from Photobox is a great choice; you can use a selection of your favourite photos to create your own calendar. Whether you want to use photos of your family, your pets, or even a selection of your favourite memes, it’s completely up to you!

Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is always the best way to get more organised in the home. It’s always harder to organise your time, mind, and your thoughts if you are surrounded with lots of stuff. Once you have decluttered, you will often immediately find that you can think clearer and that simple things like planning the day become easier. Make 2022 the year where you are ruthless about what you do and don’t actually need in your home. You’ll probably find that when you are less inclined to hold onto things ‘just in case’, you’ll have far more cupboard space and even more floor space in your home, which can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. After the past couple of years with working from home and online shopping becoming more normal, we’ve all collected a lot more than usual at home – it might be time to consider what you can sell, donate, or throw away.

Get a Whiteboard

Getting a whiteboard for your kitchen, hallway, study, or another room in your home where you will see it on a regular basis is a good idea. Even better, you might want to consider painting a wall in your home in chalkboard paint, so that you can easily write on it. Whichever method works best for you, having something in your home that you can easily add notes and lists to as ideas come to mind can help you stay organised. For example, having a whiteboard or chalkboard in the kitchen means that when you are cooking and realise that you have run out of a certain ingredient, you can write it down on the board rather than having to remember for later.

Spend Some Time Organising Every Day

To become more organised as a person and stick to it, it’s important to dedicate some time making this a new habit in your life. Spending some time organising every day is the only effective way to do this since organisation is a consistently ongoing process. Whether you spend a few minutes in each room organising the belongings as you clean and tidy or have a planner that you get out at the beginning of the day to organise your time and determine what you are going to do and when, this habit is essential for helping you keep on top of things and stick to your new organisation routine.

Utilize Automation

Today, there are lots of software programs and gadgets that you can use to help you become more organised. For example, if you have an Amazon Echo device at home, you can ask it to create a shopping list for you by simply telling it what to add to the list, or even have it order the essentials with your voice as soon as you notice what you are running low on. Since you can easily do this while you are doing something else without needing to take the time to step away, find a pen and write it down or open your notes app to put it in your phone, this can save a lot of time in the long run and is a great way to stay organised when you have a busy life.

Use Labels

Around the home, using labels can be a great way to stay more organised and make it easier for you to find everything that you need. If you’re storing items under your bed or in your garage, for example, dividing them into different categories and labelling the boxes is an organisation strategy that you are going to be grateful for when you need to find and use these items, cutting down a huge amount of time sifting through your things to find what you need. You can use label printers to make personalised labels that go with your home décor, too.

If you are tired of feeling out of control and disorganised all the time, there are several things that you can do to get and stay more organised in 2022.

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