For many people, Disney is a huge part of their lives. From childhood cartoons to modern day animations. With Disney now owning other studios such as Marvel and Star Wars, there is more reason than ever to adore Disney. Living in the United Kingdom, there is a world just a stones throw away, where magic and adventure live. How can you get from London to Disneyland Paris, how much does it cost and how long does it take to get there?

Take The Railroad

How do you get the train from London to Disneyland Paris? Typically you can get on a train at London St Pancreas International and be at Disneyland Paris less than 3.5 hours later. The Eurostar train service from London to Paris takes just under 2.5 hours and then it’s a combination of walking and local train services to get you to Disneyland Paris. Doing a quick search for prices on a family of four doing this journey, one month from now, return included four days later, the lowest price was about £337. The prices do fluctuate a lot though and these were the best prices.

Life Is A Highway

If you’d rather drive yourself from London to Disneyland Paris, you can do. Simply jump in your vehicle and then you’ve only one one choice to make. Will you take your car on the channel tunnel or will you go on a ferry? The ferry takes longer, at about 90 minutes to get from Dover to Calais. The price, using the exact same dates as the train search above, brings the best return price at £90. You’d have to think about the fuel to get you to and from London to Dover and then from Calais to Disneyland. You’ll also need an IDP (International Driving Permit) and you’ll need to ensure your insurance covers you for driving abroad. Also, whether you want to drive whilst on holiday. One advantage though is that you could always go explore some other part of France after your trip to Disneyland.

Keeping Kids Occupied on a Long Journey

Wings Across The Globe

Maybe you’re considering flying from London to Disneyland Paris? A search on the same dates as above comes up with return flights for £66 per person. That’s £264 for a family of four. This takes you from London Stansted to Paris-Charles De Gaulle on a flight that takes one hour and 20 minutes. You’d then need to get from the airport to Disneyland which even though it says Paris in it’s title, is actually 21km away as the bird flies. Closer to 40km on the road. You can book a private shuttle online for 65 each way, which will take 45 minutes or longer depending on traffic. The company we found also includes free car seats and babies and toddlers.

You can get high speed train from the airport to Marne-la-Vallée Chessy which is basically on site at Disneyland for 17.50 each way. That’s 70 for a family of four and the train journey itself takes about 12 minutes. You can also get from the airport to on the Magical shuttle bus which costs 23 for adults, 10 for children and is free for 0-2 year olds. For a family of four you’re looking at 66 each way and it takes 90 minutes. So, the cheapest option here is flights plus private shuttle which totals to (money conversion rates depending) about £375.


Don’t forget you’ll also need to buy tickets to enter the park, as well as accommodation and food/drink. That’s not including any gifts you buy whilst you are in the park itself. Disneyland Paris is on cashback sites though, so be sure to check the current cashback rates. Whether you want to ride Big Thunder Mountain, meet Mickey Mouse or watch the parade, how will you travel from London to Disneyland Paris? You’ve got a friend in me so let us know your top tips and travel plans.

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