Have you ever wanted to haggle with Sky? Maybe you think you’re paying too much for their service? Perhaps you’ve had problems with broadband connection? Could it just be a case of you wanting to save a few extra pounds every month? We all love watching great TV. As a nation we tend to get hooked on soaps and box sets. That’s not to mention movies, sports and reality shows. Then there’s our internet usage and calling loved ones too. Or you might not even need your TV license. So how exactly can you haggle with Sky?

New Customers Get the Best Offers

If you don’t know by now, new customers get the best offers. Joining Sky as a new customer will often get you a great deal for 12 or 18 months before you roll over onto their normal prices. Make sure you click through your favourite cashback site to grab some extra money.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

If you’ve been loyal Sky customer for a while, use that to your advantage. Add this to the reasons why they should give you a discount, then give them a call. Tell them that you aren’t happy with the amount you’re paying for, especially if you’ve recently seen an increase in the price. Companies often increase the amount they charge you. They’ll let you know in writing but just because they’re putting the price up, doesn’t mean you have to sit and happily shell out for it.

Explain the issues you’re having, your financial situation if it’s changed recently and exactly what you want from them. They might offer a small discount at first but you can probably push them further. The likelihood is that they don’t really want to lose you as a customer because in reality, there are plenty of other options these days. If you have a figure in mind that you’d be happy to pay per month, tell them. If they’re not prepared to meet it on this phone call, you can always hang up and try again another day. You can also speak to someone via live chat.

Audit Your Channels

Consider looking through the channels that you pay for and seeing what you actually watch. If you don’t watch Sports, why are you paying for it? If you only watch movies on Film 4 which is on freeview, why are you paying for Sky Cinema? When you know what you don’t watch you’ll be able to pass that knowledge onto the customer advisor who should be able to tailor a deal based around what you do watch.

Tell Them You Use Other Services

Maybe you use Netflix or Amazon Prime? Perhaps you’ve seen a better deal from Virgin Media? These things can help you haggle with Sky. If you tell them you’ll take your business elsewhere, they will, nine times out of ten, try and keep you. Of course, if they don’t give you an offer you’re happy with and you don’t really want to leave, simply tell them you’ll discuss it with your partner and get back to them. This gives you another opportunity to try again at a later date.

Vote With Your Feet

Consider actually leaving. You’ll need to give 30 days notice and during that time you might be sent a ‘stay with us’ offer and you can always contact them again to see if there are any new deals to keep you. At the end of the day, if you don’t get what you want, go get it from somewhere else. Whilst your attempt to haggle with Sky might sometimes work, if there is a cheaper deal elsewhere for the service you want, don’t be afraid to leave. Loyalty doesn’t always pay so don’t be worried about trying somewhere new. You never know, you might just get a better service and like it better. You can always return to Sky 12 months down the line and take advantage of a new customer offer before starting to haggle all over again.

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