Christmas is a time of giving and spending time with your loved ones. It can so easily escalate and you can find yourself spending more than you wanted to. Keeping reading for some top tips on how to have a frugal Christmas.

Stick To Your Budget

Perhaps you have a Christmas fund that you add to every month. Maybe you have a designated amount of money you’re willing to spend on Christmas every year. Stick to it. If you start going over your budget, you’ll soon start to regret it. Though if you are needing a new Christmas tree you might want to wait for reductions. Stay under your budget and you can keep it in your fund for next year, meaning you don’t need to save as much. Alternatively, it might come in handy as emergency funds for unexpected January bills.

Celebrate A Day Early

If you can’t be bothered to slave away in the kitchen this year and instead want to spend some time with the kids, why not enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve? If you would usually eat out on Christmas Day, you can enjoy the exact same meal a day early for a lot less! A 3 course festive dinner on Christmas Eve might be £20 each, whereas on Christmas Day it could be four or five times that price. Now that’s how to enjoy a frugal Christmas dinner!

Use Your Points

You’ve collected those Nectar points and swiped those loyalty cards all year. Now is the time to put them to use! Use your vouchers towards your Christmas shopping. It will help keep the price down on gifts and Christmas food and drink. If you’re buying gifts throughout the year, find the best price, buy on sale and be sure to make use of cashback sites.

You Don’t Need Leftovers

There’s no point in buying more food than you will eat. You don’t have to make enough to feed a small country and be swimming in leftovers for the rest of the Christmas holidays. You don’t need to stockpile just because the shops will be closed for a day. Nor should be buy something just because it comes in festive packaging. So much Christmas food is never eaten and ends up being thrown away. Save your cash, just buy what you need!

Be Sneaky With Gifts

If you know that your children will be needing new clothes soon as they’ve had a growth spurt, sneak some trousers and t-shirts into their Christmas presents. Not everything they receive needs to be the latest gadget or something they’ve asked Santa for. Babies need nappies. Kids need shoes. You’re going to spend the money on these things anyway. If you can get away with it, you might as well wrap them up and add them to their pile of presents.

Hand make, hand deliver

There’s nothing wrong with making your Christmas gifts. The personal touch is something we don’t see very much any more but it can mean more than you know. Create Christmas crafts with your toddlers and use your hobby of sewing or baking to make unique presents – this Christmas rocky road makes a fabulous gift. Hand deliver your Christmas cards to save money on stamps. If the recipient spots you walking up the drive, you might even get invited in for a brew! There’s also a tip on how to save not only money but your time. Order flower delivery in advance. It would cost less, gave you extra time and some of flower services like MyGlobalFlowers offer a free postcard where you can write your wishes.

Buy On Boxing Day

If you’re not going to see your loved ones on Christmas Day, consider saving some money and buy your gifts on Boxing Day. It’s amazing how much more you can get for your money if you wait a few days. If you’d usually get family members something from their favourite shop, consider giving them some ‘Boots’ money or ‘Fat Face’ money so they can spend it for themselves in the sales. Steer away from vouchers just incase the retailer goes bust, as vouchers are then worthless. Cash is king.

Festive Freebies

Take advantage of free festive events to enjoy the spirit of the season. Just as prices get inflated for weddings, Christmas costs can spiral out of control too. Head into town when the Christmas lights are switched on. Wander around garden centres which are all spruced up with fairy lights and moving Christmas characters. Use that free coffee on your app for a delicious orange hot chocolate or spiced latte.

Consider not buying for family and friends, or maybe doing a secret Santa instead to help keep spending to a minimum. Maybe you can all agree to just buy for the children this year? You don’t have to spend lots of money and you really can enjoy Christmas on a budget. We wish you a frugal Christmas & a thrifty new year!

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