A bathroom is a place in our house which we keep at the end priority while cleaning rooms. No one likes to clean their bathrooms, but everyone wants to have a clean bathroom. A clean bathroom reciprocates in an infection-free manner and does not let you fall ill. Showers, toilets, bathtubs, and other components of the bathroom become yellow and pale when left without cleaning. Also, molds and mildew accumulate over the corners of the toilet and bathroom floors.

The biggest question is how to get rid of mould in the bathroom. And, the answer to this is very simple, be regular and efficient in cleaning your bathroom. When you procrastinate, you pile up more filth, which becomes hectic for you to clean afterward. Be regular and implement certain ways to clean your bathroom and toilet. Some of the easy steps to clean your toilet are mentioned below.

Dust the Dirt and Sweep them

Take a broom or a duster and get rid of all the dry dust that has accumulated in the corners, find the cobwebs built up in corners, lights, or vents, and remove them. Before using a wet mop or wet cloth for cleaning, remove all the dry waste and debris like hair, dust powder, etc., to make the cleaning more efficient.

Clean the Areas

Use all-purpose cleaners or other cleaning agents to clean every nook and corner of the bathroom. The toilets and floor might have turned pale yellow due to long non-cleaning intervals, you will have to put in extra effort to remove the stains and apply cleaners more efficiently to make the areas look shining. Also, clean your showerhead and the inside of the shower as well to get better results. The bathtub also needs to be cleansed with due care and effort. Do not be sluggish while cleaning, take the areas seriously.

Cleaning Solution

When you mix your cleaning agent with warm water, ensure that the mixture is well combined. If you do not make a good cleaning solution, it will not give efficient results. Then apply this solution over faucets or bathroom slabs with a spray, then wipe off the dirt with a clean cloth. Use a moist cloth to clean the mirror, cabinets, and other components.

Cleaning the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet might be a hectic task for you as the pale yellowish stain is never going. While you face this issue, keep it in mind to clean your toilet regularly to get rid of this yellow stain. If you clean it every week, you will not face any difficulty while removing those stains. However, you must know how to clean a toilet. Scrub the walls with a cleaner, and then flush it. This step might require repetition to get better results.


A bathroom is a place that needs to be clean, infections tend to grow from toilets and spread all over. However, deep cleaning of bathrooms ensures bacteria-free sustenance of your health and everyday lives. When you clean your bathroom regularly, you take a step closer to keep your family and you disease-free.

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