Like many people, a third lockdown has seen me really struggling to get my daily exercise in. I just couldn’t face another walk around the village in the grey, rain soaked days, especially to combat the Christmas weight gain. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I decided to order a Peloton bike. At almost £2,000 this wasn’t a small purchase, so imagine my surprise to find out that the bike I ordered on 4th February wouldn’t be delivered until April! I desperately needed something else in the mean time, which is how I came up with my diy Peloton bike.

DIY Peloton

What is a Peloton bike?

Peloton are the brand name who have brought us exercise bikes and a treadmill with on-demand classes. 

Why I decided to make a diy Peloton bike

I am really missing going to the gym, and the home workouts that we have had to endure during three lockdowns just aren’t doing it for me.

I wasn’t motivated to exercise. I struggled to get out for a daily walk. I couldn’t face yet ANOTHER ‘walk with me’ YouTube video.

I needed to do something. I needed some fitness equipment. I couldn’t wait until the gyms were open again to work on my fitness and lose weight.

That’s why I ordered the Peloton bike after chatting to a lot of Peloton owners and deciding that it was the right thing for me to do.

That was, until I found out that the order I placed on 4th February would not be delivered until April.

I looked at buying a second hand Peloton bike, but that came with its own issues. 

First of all, the warranty wasn’t transferrable, and secondly, they were selling for more than a brand new Peloton!

I needed a new plan.

I was in a fortunate position of having saved money due to not paying for our gym membership whilst in lockdown, meaning that I had a few hundred pounds to play with. 

I started looking into a DIY Peloton, or Peloton alternatives. An idea was planted.

Seeing how well exercise equipment sold second hand on places like Facebook Marketplace I decided that I had nothing to lose.

What you need to make a diy Peloton bike

DIY Peloton

Surprisingly you don’t need too much to make your own Peloton bike, as part of my very own home gym.

Equipment wise you will need:

  • A bike
  • A cadence sensor
  • A tablet holder (optional)
  • The Peloton app


Choosing your bike is probably where you are going to spend the most time researching what will suit your needs. 

We needed to factor a lot of things into the bike we would buy.

We needed something that could be delivered quickly – a lot of places selling exercise equipment had limited stock with limited availability. Trying to buy fitness equipment in a lockdown is no easy feat.

We also needed to be wary of the weight limit. You all know my husband and I aren’t exactly skinny! 

We also wanted to get something that offered us bang for our buck.

Although a Peloton is a spin bike, in the end we went for this 2 in 1 bike with a cross-trainer.

It arrived quickly and took a couple of hours to put together.

After using it for a few weeks now I can confirm that it is very sturdy and works well for our needs.


A cadence sensor will measure your RPM and connect to your phone or tablet using bluetooth.

I ordered this one from Amazon and it has hooked up with the Peloton app really well.

With this one you can choose to stick it to a couple of areas on the bike, or clip onto your shoes.

A tablet holder is completely optional when it comes to making a diy Peloton bike. If the bike you choose already comes with an area to hold a phone or tablet then you might not even need one. 

I do also have a rug that I have had for years to put the bike onto. I wouldn’t have gone out and bought a rug for the bike, but now that I have been using the bike with a rug I 100% recommend having a rug underneath it! This is the rainbow rug that we have.

Then you will also need the Peloton app, and you can get a 30 day free trial.

How much did it cost?

DIY peloton bike

The Peloton we ordered came in at £1,895 which included shoes, weights and headphones.

Our DIY Peloton bike came in at a fraction of that cost.

The 2 in 1 bike cost us £349.99.

The cadence sensor was £29.99 from Amazon.

The tablet holder was £14.99.

The Peloton app gives you a 30 day free trial. 

How a DIY Peloton bike works

Turning your exercise bike into a DIY Peloton bike is actually incredibly simple!

All you need to do is sign up for and download the Peloton app, then connect your cadence sensor to the bike or your shoes. 

Set up takes minutes.

DIY Peloton Bike

Then load up the Peloton app, choose a ride and get going.

Your trainer will tell you what your cadence should be, however the resistance on your bike may not match the resistance mentioned on the Peloton app.

DIY Peloton bike

This is a really big difference that I need to mention – if you are making your own Peloton bike and not using the actual Peloton then you won’t get too many in depth results after a ride. This was one of my first rides (and working out how to use the cadence sensor) so please be gentle on my first attempt – but you don’t receive the detailed analysis you get with the Peloton bike, including your output.

Are those results worth paying almost £2,000 for a bike? Only you can answer that.

My verdict on the DIY Peloton bike


My plan was to use a DIY Peloton bike until my actual Peloton arrives, and now I am even debating cancelling the bike.

Getting a bike was definitely what I needed to do. I find myself hopping on when I’ve felt that I have been sitting down too much during the day, or when I have some time to kill such as cooking dinner.

When I don’t feel like a ride then I find that the Peloton instructors really motivate me to push through and finish a ride.

You might be wondering if you actually need the Peloton app at all? Can’t you just…ride the bike?

I thought I would compare my results between doing a Peloton ride and just doing a ride by myself.

I felt a lot more motivated through the Peloton ride, I felt as though I was getting some social interaction and I put in a lot more effort than when I was left to it myself and would barely pedal to just pass the time.

Overall I am in love with my DIY Peloton. Whilst I am still on the fence about cancelling my actual Peloton order, it has provided a perfect stop-gap when I have needed a different form of exercise. After doing a Peloton ride I get off the bike completely drenched in sweat and I love it! My fitness and endurance have already improved too.

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