When it comes to decorating our new house I have loved seeing what bargains we can find, or what DIYs we can make along the way. As soon as I saw a ‘have a nice poo’ sign on Pinterest I knew it would be perfect for our downstairs loo. However with prints costing upwards of £7+, and needing to buy a frame, I decided to make my own ‘have a nice poo’ sign for just £1. Here’s how you can make your own have a nice poo sign.

have a nice poo sign

Of course this  sign includes a photo frame from Poundland and helps you to furnish a house cheaply. You could even decorate your bathroom with plants too!

This frame is 8″ by 10″ and comes in black, white and grey.

I chose the grey frame to match our bathroom decor.

What you will need

To make your own budget friendly have a nice poo poster you will need:

How to make your own have a nice poo sign

To get started making your own sign you will need to download this template:

have a nice poo poster template

Once downloaded simply print it off onto an A4 sized sheet of paper.

Carefully open the back of your photo frame and remove the paper inside.

Use this as a template to cut out your printed sheet.

Place the printed sheet into the photo frame.

Display proudly in a bathroom of your choice.

Buy a have a nice poo sign

If you can’t print off your sign or don’t fancy making one then there are still plenty of places where you can buy one.




This sign makes a great new home gift on a budget too!

have a nice poo sign

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