Many of us are looking for ways to cut down our single use plastic consumption, and a great way to do this is to replace cling film with a reusable sandwich wrap. In this blog post I am going to share how you can make your own sandwich wraps.

reusable sandwich wrap

What you need to make your own reusable sandwich wrap

You will need the following items:

  • 1 14×14” piece of cotton fabric in a print of your choosing
  • 1 12×12 piece of waterproof fabric
  • Scissors
  • All-purpose thread in a coordinating colour of your cotton fabric.
  • Wonder sewing clips
  • 1 package of sew on hook and loop strips (available from Poundland or Amazon)
  • Sewing machine

Method for making the reusable sandwich wrap

reusable sandwich wrap

Step 1: Place the right side of your fabric on the shiny side of your waterproof fabric. Now you have a 2” border of the cotton fabric on all four sides.

Step 2: Fold the cotton fabric until it touches the edge of the cotton fabric, or 1”, leaving the corner unfolded. Fold it again until it overlaps the waterproof fabric. Pin in place.

Step 3: Take the corner of the cotton fabric and fold down at the diagonal.

Step 4: Fold over sides of the fabric at the corner like in step 2.

Step 5: When the corners meet, it should look like Step 5.

Step 6: Sew a 1/2″ seam allowance around all four sides.

Step 7: Measure and cut 4, 2” pieces of the hook (2 pieces) and loop (2 pieces) fastenings.

Step 8: Turn your wrap, waterproof side up, in a diamond shape, so you have a corner at North, South East and West, OR top, right, bottom and left.

Step 9: Pin one piece of the loop (fuzzy) at the north/top corner and sew in place.  (See photo)

Step 9a: Do the same with the loop (fuzzy) side at the east /right and sew in place, (See photo)

Step 9b: Do the same with the hook (prickly) side at the south/bottom and sew in place, (See photo)

Step 9c: Do the same with the hook (prickly) side at the west /left and sew in place, (See photo)

Step 10: Flip your sandwich on the diagonal again, waterproof side up. Place your sandwich in the middle of the sandwich wrap. Fold like an envelope.

Now you have a reusable sandwich wrap

reusable sandwich wrap

And there you have it, now you have a reusable sandwich wrap to use for your sandwiches or other lunch items.

This DIY is quick to make, and you can make a variety of sandwich wraps using different prints.

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