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Having an organised kitchen helps you out in so many ways. Not only can you easily find the ingredients you need for cooking or baking, it helps to reduce or entirely eliminate food waste. Let’s look at some of the ways you can organise and decorate your kitchen. 

Fridge shelves

Did you know there is a certain order you should store the items in your fridge?

When you think about it, it starts to make sense. Ready to eat foods like cheese should go at the top of your fridge, and raw meat, fish and poultry should go at the bottom so that any blood or juices don’t contaminate other foods. This can also help with meal planning.

Inside your fridge you can also use fridge organisers to keep similar items together. I like having one for fruits and one for cheese

You could also customise them by making labels, so that everyone knows where items should be unpacked and repacked. 


When we moved house I was shocked to find just how many bottles of vinegar we had, not to mention food with a best before date back in 2017. Oops!

Get everything out of the cupboards so that you can store similar items together, and throw out anything that has been contaminated or is past being able to be safely used.

Don’t forget to also declutter your cutlery and crockery. We had so many mugs but I have only recently started liking drinking a cup of tea – and Tony definitely never drinks any! Sorting through our mugs means I don’t risk a mug falling onto my head when I open the cupboard – and I can easily find what I am looking for. 

Store similar items together

One thing that really upped our kitchen organisation was to store things like plain flour, self-raising flower and icing sugar in their own containers. We just picked up plastic containers from Poundland and used chalk labels and chalk pens to label each container. You do not want to get plain flour and self raising flower mixed up!

You can use free font bundles to print out beautiful labels. 

This also stretches to other items in your kitchen – it makes sense to keep the kettle, cups and tea and coffee close together. Chopping boards should be close to where you prep your food, and any trivets close to your oven. 

Create artwork

I love a bit of wall art, but finding prints I love, in the colour schemes I want with a quote I love seems impossible. 

Thankfully it is easy enough to make your own!

You can find plenty of script font that you might like at Font Bundles and then create your dream artwork. 

You can either print the font yourself or get it printed in a bigger poster size. Don’t forget a frame too! You can pick one up second hand on Facebook or a charity shop for much cheaper than a brand new frame. 

Grab a dirty bowl

Hear me out on this one because it is a game changer!

Whenever I am about to cook I look for a dirty bowl that was used earlier in the day – like for breakfast. This this becomes my rubbish bowl as I prep the food. 

This means any peelings or trimmings can go into the bowl and not all over the kitchen sides. Once it is full it is just one trip to the bin instead of a trip every few minutes when I need to throw something away. 

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