When you’re a student, money is often tight and finding ways to cut costs or save a few pounds is essential. From social gatherings and events to food and rent, the cost of living in the UK can be expensive, which is particularly challenging when you’re away from home studying. In this article, we’ll cover some essential tips all students should know in order to save money and make the most of their time at university. 

Buy Past Best Before Dates

Don’t worry; we’re not advising you to eat gone off food. Unlike use-by dates, the best before dates are recommendations for food quality and not safety. When food goes past the best before date, most stores will discount the items in order to move the stock before it goes bad, but there are also websites dedicated to selling food items that are close to or past their best before date so you can make larger savings.

Haggle For Cheaper Services – Sim Only

If you have any services that are up for renewal, you can haggle for a cheaper price by speaking to your provider cancellations team; if you let them know you are moving to a new company due to a better quote, they will try to match or beat the cheaper deal. This trick also works for more than just cancellations, as you can also contact the customer service team if you’re having a poor experience to let them know you are unhappy. Companies have policies in place to help improve customers experiences and typically offer goodwill gestures to people who have experienced poor service. However, it is important to remember that the person handling your query is not responsible for your experience with the company, so try not to go too hard on them. 

Additionally, you can also get better phone services without having to haggle by stepping away from the expensive plans that tie you in for two or more years by opting for a rolling SIM only deal instead. This type of phone plan lets you swap and change how much you pay to suit your usage each month, which will allow you to save some cash if you’ve gone a little overboard with the pub crawls. If you’re interested in changing to these fantastic deals, check out Lebara for their best SIM only deals.

Food shop In The Evenings

Many people try to get to the shops early to get their food for the week, but the best time to do your food shop is after 6 pm as most supermarkets heavily reduce their prices on the stock that needs to be sold by the end of the day. Make a list of what you need, but stay flexible on brands and flavours as you could bag yourself plenty of fresh produce at a much lower price. 

Join Secret Sales Websites

There are many online shops that run limited-time flash sales on everything from household essentials to designer clothes and even holidays. The savings you can achieve with these flash sales are significant, but you need to be signed up to the websites in order to hear about them. Most of the companies that run these limited-time flash sales rely on word of mouth marketing and are not heavily promoted, but we have you covered with this handy list to get you started on finding the best savings.

Have One Day Of No Spending

In today’s modern world, it is challenging to have a day where you don’t need to spend any money, but setting aside one day a week to keep your pennies to yourself is the ideal way to save some cash. Whether you need to pay a bus fare or grab a snack while you’re out, there’s always something you need to spend money on, but instead of reaching into your wallet for bus fare, why not get paid to walk? We love finding new walks to explore. The extra cash will help you pay for the item you really need, while the psychological impact of not spending money one day a week will help you become more careful with your money.

Save On Utilities

When it comes to student accommodation, utilities are typically covered as part of the rental package, but in some agreements, the utilities are separate from the rent, and the tenants are responsible for paying for their usage. To save money as a student, it is imperative that you spend time comparing the costs of your gas, electricity, and water as you could save hundreds of pounds. Switching energy providers is a straightforward process, and it is free so long as you are not tied into a contract with exit fees. 

Get Cash Back

Instead of ordering your favourite items online and paying the full price for them, savvy shoppers sign up for cashback schemes to reduce the cost of their purchases. There are plenty of cashback sites you can join with a range of offers on various goods; some supermarket cashback schemes even have free food. You’ll be amazed by how much money you can get back on your purchases which will make the cash in your account last much longer.

Skim Your Accounts

When money hits your current account, whether it’s your maintenance loan, wages, birthday money, try skimming 10% off of the total and putting it into your savings account. Even if you can only manage £50 a month, you’ll still be £600 better off at the end of the year, and that’s without the interest being added on. 

Cheap Phone Insurance

A common problem among students is broken or stolen phones, and as a student, you don’t typically have the cash to splash out on a brand new phone to replace your old one. Getting your phone insured will enable you to protect your phone and make sure you never need to spend a fortune on a new one. While insurance does cost money, the amount is typically considerably less than the cost of getting your phone repaired or purchasing a replacement.

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