When there comes a need to start with a multilingual website or expand your business beyond your country of residence, approaching an affordable translation service is always an issue. It’s not that there are very few options that provide quality linguistic help but the confusion about an acceptable price range. It forces many people to explore ways how to save money on translation services. The first aspect to consider is urgency, which is always essential when you need to travel abroad and get things done in a hurry. It is just one example of when things can get rather costly! Let’s review some tricks that will help you to save some funds without compromising the outcome. 

How to Save Money on Translation Services 

– Using Existing Translated Content. 

If you already have documents that contain parts that have been translated in the past, you can save some funds by reusing these sections. Just don’t forget to discuss this aspect with the translator to keep within the same style and avoid misconceptions regarding the bridging words or the bits that have already been processed. It is mostly encountered when you are working with manuals or technical disciplines. If there are bits that are constantly repeated, use them as a way to save some funds!

– Language Pair Consideration. 

Quite a lot will depend on the language pair that you choose for translation. It means that translating something from English to German will be not as expensive as, let’s say, Swahili or Javanese. You can check Thewordpoint.com if you are searching for a professional translator for an affordable price. When you are working with website localization, the consideration of language pairs must be based on your visitors and the GEO tracking by Google Analytics or similar tools. 

– Urgency Factor. 

Time is the key when it comes to translation services. When you have something urgent, the final price will always be higher. It’s mostly related to situations when you work with travel documents or legal disputes that have to be resolved right away. The majority of services will have a high processing turnaround, yet it always comes with a hefty price tag! If you have an opportunity, make sure that you prepare your content in advance to avoid the urgency. Likewise, if you are planning a foreign trip and need to translate your bank documents or vaccination records that are valid for a limited period, start early and request your translation, so you can check things twice before your departure date. 

– Human VS Machine Translation. 

This is where things get rather tricky because we are dealing with the professional human translation versus machine tools that process your content. Of course, it doesn’t mean that things like Translation Memory or translation and dictionary apps are unnecessary! Quite on the contrary, it does allow decreasing the final costs, yet you should always discuss the ratio of human translation and ask the translators about their take on things. Human translation methods are always more beneficial and accurate, especially when you are dealing with medical, legal, or cultural translations. They provide 100% translation accuracy and human analysis, which makes all the difference! 

Headroom Required For Translation Purposes. 

If you are dealing with the translation of the manuals, keep things flexible and have a plan for your translation with a deadline that would allow the translators to keep things creative while working with a flexible schedule. You can request a sample translation to see the quality as it will help to save some funds before you place a complex translation order. Once you are all set, create a special schedule plan and discuss the variations that can help translators negotiate the final price. 

– Making Your Content Translation-Ready. 

It means that you have to keep your documents in a format that can be edited easily or approached with the most common editors like MS Word. If you have something that can be scanned, provide it digitally as it will save you time and money as you work with your content. There are existing translation document standards. Keep your content prepared in advance and make sure that it’s all logical and well-structured. Make sure that all your information is updated and represents the current versions related to the critical aspects of your business or situation. 

Manual Checking Matters 

When you receive the final translation, remember to check things twice in terms of personal names, phone numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, and things that do not represent a typical translator’s vocabulary. It is what you can check in any language as you look through the document. If something makes you feel concerned and there is a mistake, ask the editor about it and send your document for revision. In most cases, it will be fixed within several hours. It will help you to keep your documents accurate and help you to save precious time as you won’t have to place another translation request!


As an educator and content editor with a linguistic background, Diane Sherron loves to explore the world and share her discoveries. Her posts focus on anything from the cultural peculiarities of the languages to helping the students achieve success. Follow Diane to make your learning fun and stay inspired!