So, you have a car to sell. Maybe a sofa to part ways with. You might even be selling your old camera gear to fund a new purchase. You might have a home business selling stuff. Whatever you’re selling, you can sell it on Gumtree. It’s an easy thing to say but you might not know what you’re doing. How to sell on Gumtree? We’ve got the answers!

Firstly, before you place your advert for whatever item it is you’re looking to sell, you need an account. It’s a simple sign up process with some basic information about yourself. It’ll take you a few minutes to fill in your details and sign up. We’re well on the way to answering the question of how to sell on Gumtree. You’ll now be able to create your sales advert.

Post An Ad

Once you are signed up and logged in, you should see a button which says Post Your Ad. This will be towards the top of the Gumtree homepage. You’ll need to type in what you’re selling so the website can suggest a category to place the advert within. Select from the categories that appear or if there’s not an appropriate one on your screen, you can browse to find a category. Once you’ve done this, press continue which will take you to the next page. You’ll now need to enter your post code or select your city where the item is located. Again, press continue.

Creating The Ad

We’re now at the section where you can fill in the detailed information of the item you’re selling. Type a title into the Ad Title section. You’ll then be able to import some images into your advert by clicking Add Images. If these are stored on the computer you’re using, perfect, you’ll be able to select them. After that, fill in the Description box. Be as detailed and precise as possible, giving plenty of information so potential buyers have all the knowledge they need. Now enter the all important price. The pound sign and any punctuation will be added automatically when the advert posts.

The Final Details

You can add a website URL should you wish. This is perhaps more appropriate for businesses listing products so customers can also find them direct. There is a small charge for this URL addition. Speaking of extra charges, you can choose to promote your advert to gain more views, should you wish. Skip that section if you don’t want to use the promote your advert feature. Next you need to choose your contact method. It automatically uses the email linked to your Gumtree account. Should you wish to have phone only, type in your details and then deselect email. Give everything a once over to check the details are correct and then you can click Post My Ad.

Download The App

Gumtree also have an app that you can use to buy and sell items. How to sell is basically the same walk-through as detailed above. It’s worth downloading even if you list your items on your desktop or laptop. The Gumtree app is the answer to the question of how to sell on Gumtree even easier than before, letting you keep up to date with your sales on the go.

Wait For Buyers To Get In Touch

Now simply sit back and wait for potential buyers to get in touch. You’ll soon get sell the car, make some money on the sofa or flog your camera gear to fund your next adventure. How to sell on Gumtree? Done!

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