Do you need extra cash right now? Are you struggling financially? Maybe you’re considering selling online but don’t really know where to start? Do you have questions about how to list, where to sell and what price you should put on your items. Read on for some top tips about how to start selling online.

Where To Sell

One of the first things to get your head around is where are you going to sell. There are many options available to you and there are many benefits of all of them, depending on what you’re selling. For instance Gumtree lists everything from property for sale to services from traders, yet they also boast about being the go-to place for listing your car to sell. If you want a local audience for perhaps those large items you’re looking to sell which would be a nightmare to post, Facebook Marketplace is perfect for you. Its free to use and you have a local audience of Facebook users there as soon as you list. Ebay is perfect for your general selling as there are so many people using it. They’ll be searching for things you want to sell, regardless of what it is. You’ll be surprised what can sell and for how much.

Check Your Price

With that in mind, be aware of your price. Do a search for like for like products and see just how much things are selling for. Ebay will inform you when you list as to what previous listings have sold for and how successful ones started at in terms of auction price. You don’t want to put people off by asking too much but if you expect some haggling and are willing to accept a lower offer, overprice slightly. If you’re firm on price, go you don’t have to accept offers. Maybe you want to get rid of stuff fast? If that’s the case, lower the price and make it appealing to people. Stick to your guns though. If it’s a fair price, which it should be, you’ll sell it.

Sell For Free

You can even sell for free. As mentioned above, Facebook Marketplace has a great local reach to other Facebook users, but it’s also free to use. Gumtree is the UK’s leading classifieds website and it’s free to use. Ebay even has a few free options. You can usually get 100 listings per month for free, but you’ll be charged 10% of the final sale price. You can save money on that final fee by listing during a £1 listing weekend, meaning that you’ll only pay a maximum of £1 per item sold, regardless of how much it sells for. Ideal if you’re selling things which should sell for more than £10!

Hassle Free Selling

If you don’t want to mess about with listing, postage, having people come and look at the item you’re selling and then maybe not buy it, there was ways to sell straight away online. Use Music Magpie to flog your unwanted games, DVDs and CDs. They also take books, Lego, mobile phones and other tech. If you want a price for your car without having to deal with tyre kickers, go with WeBuyAnyCar. You might not get the maximum amount of money you might want for your things buy using these sites, but you’ll get the price they show you on the screen, paid quickly with no hassle of selling online.

Starting your selling online life Once you start selling online you’ll get the hang of it and be looking around the house for what else you don’t need, don’t use and want to get rid of. We buy so much stuff and often hoard it without using it. One man’s trash is another’s treasure and you can make some money on the side by selling your unwanted things online.

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