Do you spend your time looking at Pinterest, wondering what home improvements projects you can implement? Have you contacted professional contractors and handymen for quotes but find they’re beyond your budget? You can improve your home by doing it yourself and in this post we’re going to look at some of the easiest and most effective DIY projects.

Paint Your Walls

There’s nothing quite like changing up the mood of a room with a splash of colour to make your house a home. Paint doesn’t have to be expensive either. Places like Homebase often have sales events and you can pick up cans of paint that haven’t sold for next to nothing. Budget shops like B&M and Wilko also sell paint and when you DIY, the most expensive part of your decorating will be the paint itself. You don’t need to paint the entire room either. A feature wall in a room, maybe the chimney breast, gives your space an entirely new atmosphere and vibe.

Bespoke Bedside Tables

If you need a bedroom table or you’re not convinced by the style of the one you currently have, visit a charity shop or second hand store. For your DIY project you need an old table which you can cut in half. If you like the condition it’s in, maybe shabby chic then perfect. If it could do with asplash of paint, something bright and bold, give it a couple of coats. Then simply prop up against the wall next to you bed, one half on either side. You might need a bracket to hold it in place. A practical yet stylish addition to your bedroom!

Wonderful Wall Art

Do your rooms lack personality? Is there a space in your living room which could do with a statement? If you’re a keen photographer, why not get one of your images framed. Or even printed onto canvas! You can do this online fairly cheaply, there are always offers and discounts for these kind of retailers available. If photography isn’t you thing, why not grab a blank canvas and a permanent marker and write your favourite song lyrics all over. It’ll be a beautiful and personal black and white piece of art. If you’re unsure about hammering a nail into the wall to hang it up, you can use Command strips to ensure no damage comes to your wall.

You can also get some great free wall art. 

Give Old Stuff New Life

You can breathe new life into old parts of your home with simple DIY skills. If you kitchen looks a little bit down and out, you can bring it back from the brink by simply painting the cupboard doors or replacing them with new ones. Even replacing the worktops with new ones which is an easy job. Much cheaper than ripping the entire kitchen out and starting afresh. You could do the same with internal doors in your home, replace with with new or unhinge them, sand them down and give them new life with a lick of paint. Swap handles on cupboard doors to give them a new look, use metallic paint on rusty outdoor fittings to give them a second chance. You could also section your dull looking garden with a trendy decking area, complete with roof lanterns and a fire pit. Even amateur DIY skills can conquer this challenge so you’ll only pay for materials.

Even basic DIY skills can help you give your home a few improvements. Have confidence in your own abilities and you can easily complete projects to a decent DIY standard.


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