I love a kitchen gadget – after all, my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is worth every penny! If you are reading this post you are probably asking yourself – is a soup maker worth it? They can cost anywhere from £40+ when you could just use a stick blender for £12. Keep reading to see how I got on with my soup maker and whether I think it was worth the cost.

How does a soup maker work?

A soup maker is a machine that easily makes soup using on pot that looks like a kettle. When the ingredients are put in, they mix and cook it to produce a soup usually under 30 minutes.

A soup maker can be used to make different types of soup depending on what ingredients are put inside it. For example, you can use the machine to make vegetable soup, tomato soup or even cream of chicken soup. You just need to place the water and the ingredients in it and then turn it on selecting your chosen setting – depending on the model you have you can usually choose between a smooth or a chunky soup. Some soup makers can also make smoothies without adding any heat or cooking your ingredients.

Do soup makers cook meat?

Generally speaking, soup makers won’t cook meat.

It is best to cook your meat before putting it into your soup maker.

How I got on with my soup maker

I gave getting a soup maker about 5 minutes thought before I took the plunge. It took me longer to choose one before settling on this rose gold one from Amazon – with the extended returns time I knew it would give me a chance to really test it out and decide if a soup maker is worth it.

Is a soup maker worth it

I decided to make a vegetable soup first, scouring through the fridge for vegetables that had seen better days. I ended up with butternut, carrot, celery and onions, as well as a stock cube and some spices.

Is a soup maker worth it

It took 22 minutes on the ‘smooth’ setting to cook and blend the soup.

Is a soup maker worth it

My first soup using the soup maker was very thin – I soon learned to add a potato to my next batch and it helped to thicken up the soup to a more desirable consistency.

Is a soup maker worth it

My next attempt was to create a hot and sour soup from the Chinese takeaway. I had to improvise a lot because I didn’t want to buy lots of exotic mushrooms for this dish. I used some yellow sticker belly pork along with a cheap pack of noodles and it was one of the nicest Chinese ‘fakeaways’ I have ever made. For this I used the ‘chunky’ setting and it was ready in 28 minutes.

My soup maker has saved me money and reduced my food waste

I am really surprised at how much money my soup maker has saved me, and how much food waste it has saved.

I have been able to pick up more vegetables from the reduction shelves (click here to see supermarket reduction times) and turn them into a soup.

The soup maker makes enough portions for me to have leftovers, and if I don’t feel like soup the following day I have been freezing it into tupperware containers to enjoy another day.

My recommended soup maker

I love this Tower rose gold soup maker which also comes with a flask.

It has two soup settings as well as a smoothie setting.

It is also easy to clean, but it does not have a dedicated cleaning setting.


Argos Soup Maker

If you want to get yourself an Argos soup maker that you can collect in person or have delivered then I really like these ones:

Argos soup maker

Argos soup maker – Ninja Hot and Cold Blender and Soup Maker

From the Argos website:

Cook soup in 20 minutes. Blend and cook delicious hot and cold creations with this versatile 2-in-1 appliance. Chop and saute ingredients in the jug before cooking, blend to your desired texture and cook to perfection with the built-in heating element. 10 Auto-iQ programmes combine pulse, pause and blend patterns with precise temperature control. High Speed Crushing Blade blends both hot and cold ingredients. Create smooth and chunky soups, jams, sauces and more. Easily crushing ice, enjoy cool smoothies, frozen drinks and desserts.

  • Power output 1000 watts.
  • 1.75 litre capacity.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Manufacturer’s 1 year guarantee.

Top customer review:

Absolutely amazed by this product. I can literally roughly chop a few bits chuck them in & leave to cook while I have my tea. Cleaning function is fab you just need a little wipe around when it’s finished.

Argos soup maker – Salter EK1548AR Electric Soup Maker

From the Argos website:

“Make delicious soup for the whole family using this fabulous Salter Electric Soup Maker with three automatic settings; puree, chunky and blend. Simply add your ingredients and select the setting you require. The soup maker has a stainless steel jug with a pouring lip so you can easily serve straight into bowls without any mess. The intelligent control system prevents overspill and dry burning so that within 20 to 30 minutes you will have healthy homemade soup.

  • Power output 1000 watts.
  • 1.6 litre capacity.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee.”

Top customer review:

Could not wait to test it. I was going away at the weekend but had to make my first batch of soup. Quick, simple and delicious. I ate two bowls full then decanted the rest to take with me to our caravan. Late night arrival and that soup really filled the spot

Argos soup maker – Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker.

From the Argos website:

“The Morphy Richards compact soup maker offers 4 settings – smooth and chunkysoup, drinks and a blend function. 1L working capacity serves up to 3 bowls of soup for perfect portion control. Keep Warm function so your soup is ready when you are. Clean mode for easy maintenance.

  • Power output 1000 watts.
  • 1 litre capacity.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.”

Top customer review:

I bought this for my sister who is delighted with it. She has transformed a handful of everyday vegetables together with stock and seasoning into a delicious soup in under 20 minutes. Two generous portions the perfect size for a single person or a couple. Now I’m going to buy one for myself.

Is a soup maker worth it?

In my opinion my soup maker was 100% worth it!

I have been getting creative with the soups that I have been making, and it allows me to have a warm lunch in the colder months without much effort on my part. I usually use the 22 or 28 minutes of cooking time to unload the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen, or finish off some work I am doing.

I am really happy with how much food waste I have reduced by having a soup maker. Lots of lanky vegetables have been salvaged by having a soup maker.

Recipes for a soup maker

If you are looking for recipes for a soup maker then look no further – here are some of my favourites.

Broccoli and Cheddar Soupmaker Soup – this warm comforting soup is perfect for getting in more greens whilst still enjoying a cheesy soup.

Leek and potato soup – I always see leeks on the reduced shelf, but my husband isn’t a fan of them so I rarely get them. This leek and potato soup is a great way to disguise them.

Soup Maker Recipe Book: 100 Delicious & Nutritious Soup Recipes Paperback – available from Amazon.

Tomato soup – this can also be made on the hob.

Pesto & Margaritas has a great list of 20 homemade soup recipes to try out.

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